Is Cellular Connectivity the Newest Utility?

We all have experienced the pain of trying to load our favorite app or attempting to make a call and the network just doesn’t cooperate. It’s frustrating and infuriating and often happens when we’re inside. Of course, it’s no surprise that these problems often occur indoors as 90% of our lives are spent inside. Did you know that less than half of us are satisfied with our indoor cellular/mobile coverage, and often the very buildings we’re in are built with materials that effectively block out cellular signals? We need to bring cellular connectivity indoors to boost user satisfaction.

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Indoor cellular connectivity is becoming as essential to a building as electricity and plumbing. Utilities in buildings are there to keep tenants safe, comfortable and happy, and connectivity should be included amongst heating, plumbing, and electricity as a critical service.

Thankfully, mobile operators worldwide are beginning to address this indoor connectivity issue with small cells like the Radio Dot System and pico RBS 6402. Small cells are a hot topic these days and will be a popular theme at this year’s Mobile World Congress as deployments around the world begin to grow exponentially to tackle the problem of poor indoor connectivity.

If you are interested in learning more about Ericsson’s indoor small cells and overall small cell portfolio, we invite you to visit Ericsson’s MWC booth in Hall 2 and attend the Small Cell Forum panel on Small Cells, featuring Ericsson – sign up here.


Today’s post was written by Lindsay Beall, Product Marketing Lead – Indoor Solutions, Ericsson.

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