Meeting the fast-changing demands of the digital business

We welcome Danny Johnson, director of product marketing for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, as a guest contributor to the Ericsson blog. In this post, Danny discusses how Verizon is using Ericsson software and services to help enterprise customers transform into digital businesses.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it’s recently become clearer than ever for businesses around the world that if they don’t quickly transform into digital companies, they risk becoming increasingly unable to meet market demands. I believe that Verizon is in a great position to help them transform.

Of course, for service providers like Verizon, paramount is speed to market with an ever-expanding range of next generation services. Not only many new offerings, but offerings that are aimed at the enterprise CIO looking to better secure data centers, improve VNF load balancing among those data centers and increase WAN optimization, while meeting the demands of their customers and supporting lines of business in their enterprise.

Enterprise networks are a complex business. For starters, enterprise service delivery has traditionally been supported by manually intense processes. Beyond this, challenges stemming from limited end-to-end visibility, difficulty in identifying service-impacting issues, and lack of automation are standing in the way of providing the level of “instant-on” that a digital business needs.


Teaming with Ericsson on global virtual network services

To meet the needs of our customers, Verizon Enterprise Solutions is leveraging SDN and NFV to deliver a wide range of new virtual network services on a hybrid managed network to our enterprise customer base – globally. And to help us succeed, we are collaborating with Ericsson, putting next generation software and agile services to work to help power our customers’ digital transformation.

Key capabilities that Ericsson brings to the roll-out of Verizon Virtualized Managed Network Services include a dynamic orchestration platform that supports the full lifecycle of service implementation and service assurance in a centralized and automated fashion. It provides for end-to-end visibility of application, network and operations performance to maintain the fidelity of services.

It also provides a framework enabling Verizon to extend new and innovative commercial models to enterprise customers, such as automated service delivery, consumption-based service and application models, and self-healing services that dynamically recover across premises and hosted borders.

With the help of Ericsson, Verizon is now able to leverage an end-to-end automated “factory” model that allows third-party vendors to rapidly onboard VNFs for Verizon compatibility and certification into the orchestration catalog.

Ericsson is a long-time, proven technology provider that understands our company, our networks and our customers. Over the past year we have worked together to turn our legacy networks into elastic infrastructures that are lightweight, programmable and infinitely adaptable with real time governance, management and orchestration.


Flexibility and fast service delivery for enterprises

Verizon is enabling many new services across every industry sector, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose and customize packages that fit their emerging needs. We are proactively meeting the digital transformation needs of enterprise customers worldwide, and with the help of Ericsson, doing so with flexibility, speed and scale, to deliver a better customer experience.

Ericsson is demonstrating its forward-looking solution for dynamic orchestration, inspired by our collaboration, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 27 to March 2.

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