Mobile World Congress 2017: That's a wrap!

Can't join us at Mobile World Congress 2017? Then follow the activity here!

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And just like that, Mobile World Congress 2017 is over! Here are some of our impressions:

It’s day three at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, and Ericsson’s Hall 2 is packed with activity and experts showing customers the latest possibilities in 5G, IoT and Cloud. According to this heat map taken at 2pm today, the 5G solutions are especially popular:

MWC 2017

High numbers of visitors are swarming the 5G Connected Car demo to find out what it’s like to drive a remote controlled car on a test track 70 km away using wireless networks.

IT & Cloud are also engaging crowds – topics here are the Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 and Expert Analytics. This is where you can find the infamous Wall – our futuristic datacenter that has become the buzz at Barcelona.

IT & Cloud

And here is a video with Geoff Hollingworth, Head of Ericsson Cloud Marketing, explaining what future digital infrastructure will look like.

And if this wasn’t enough, check out our Haptic Glove – one of our most exciting 5G use cases - and learn what robotic surgery may look like.

Sustainability is a big topic here at MWC, so it is fitting that we today released our Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report for 2016. In the outer area of Hall 2, visitors can walk into a Connect To Learn classroom in a Virtual Reality experience.

Tuesday there were nearly 6,000 visitors to Hall 2, especially in the evening when our President & CEO Börje Ekholm invited customers to a fireside chat and a mingle.

Börje Ekholm

And today, Ulf Ewaldsson, our Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, invited analysts and media to discuss market, industry and technology evolution.

Wednesday is not yet slowing down.



Day 3 has begun, but the pace is not slowing! Check our most popular demo here:

Snippets from the MWC floor today:

A special thanks to @ericsson for a great both and demos at #MWC2017, as well as great food.

— Jim McGregor (@TekStrategist) February 28, 2017

The @ericsson #5G experience: Drive a car on a track 50 Km away! Endless possibilities for remote safety, mining, surgery, etc. #MWC2017

— Carolina Bocsi (@CarolinaBocsi) February 28, 2017

Meet RO Labs at the #digitalfrontier! We are at the @ericsson booth Hall 2.0#mwc17 #internetofskills #roomonelabs @KingsCollegeLon @bt_uk

— Room One (@roomonelondon) February 28, 2017


Day 2 has begun! Are you hungry for more? Come on a breakfast tour with us:

 Click here for facebook Video

So far, the 5G remote driving demo seems to be our most popular. If you can't play with it in real life, here's the info you need:

5G can make remote driving a reality, Telefónica and Ericsson demostrate at MWC

  • World’s first 5G remote driving concept showcases 5G’s reliability, high data transmission capacity and low latency – key elements for remotely driven cars.
  • Driver in remote location gets “in car” experience thanks to 4K video streams and sensors transmitting from the car to the seat, and haptic control/feedback on the steering Wheel.
  • Revolutionary real time demo developed by Telefonica, Ericsson, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Applus Idiada.

Madrid, 27 de febrero de 2017.- As part of their collaboration for 5G research, Telefónica and Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC), in partnership with KTH and Idiada, showcase the potential of 5G networks to transform industries, such as automotive. The demo uses Telefonica’s trial 5G network to drive a car prototyped by KTH at Idiada’s race track in Tarragona, Spain, from remote locations at Fira (Telefónica and Ericsson’s booths)

You can read more here and if you're in Barcelona, come give it a spin!

I'm definitely in love with this - make sure you don't miss the #5G experience at #MWC17 #EricssonLive

— Maya Hamad (@HamadMaya) February 27, 2017


Be sure to vote! What do you want to see more of?

Which #MWC17 demo would you like a closer look at?

— Ericsson (@ericsson) February 27, 2017


Spotted on the Ericsson floor!

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins & Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm.

Ericsson floor

Some voices from the Ericsson floor:

I'm definitely in love with this - make sure you don't miss the #5G experience at #MWC17 #EricssonLive

— Maya Hamad (@HamadMaya) February 27, 2017


Great pavilion and presence by @ericsson at #MWC17! Lots of hands-on product and service displays and a warm welcome to every guest! Grats!

— Xen K. (@kontargiris) February 27, 2017

Driving a car remotely from #mwc17 using a trial '5G' wireless network from @ericsson

— Mark Scott (@markscott82) February 27, 2017

Impressive demo from @ericsson datacenter physical resource allocation of the future #mwc17

— Stephane Dierick (@stephane_d_75) February 27, 2017


We're officially live at MWC17! Our new President & CEO Börje Ekholm kicked off the activities by leading the Media & Analyst Briefing this morning. Read all about our announcements here:

CEO @andy_penn on stage to announce new content delivery pilot with @ericsson and @21CF through LTE-B

— Telstra News (@Telstra_news) February 27, 2017


#IoT is now renamed Internet of Trucks, says Börje Ekholm CEO @ericsson ?

— Karin Hallstan (@karinhallstan) February 27, 2017

.@NevilleRay joins us at #MWC17: We’re “all in on #LTE” to prepare the foundation of a #5G future.

— Ericsson (@ericsson) February 27, 2017


One of the demos which people have been buzzing around is the Future Digital Infrastructure, aka the Wall. What is it? Here's a quick summary:

Future Digital Infrastructure: the next evolution of IT

Future Digital Infrastructure is our vision of the datacenter of the near future. It includes:

  • Disaggregation: No racks of servers. Instead panels support multiple configurable tiles. These are connected to each other through an optical backplane. They can be arranged into a nearly infinite number of combinations.
  • Software-defined infrastructure (SDI): Tiles are organized into pools of resources: compute, storage, memory, networking. Computer systems are then “assembled” from the pools into any needed configuration.
  • Liquid cooling: Tiles are cooled by circulating liquid over the components, for greater density and hotter operation.
  • Robotic automation: Future Digital Infrastructure is not serviced by human beings. Robots assemble the tiles, carry out maintenance, and replace broken or obsolete components. This means the datacenter can be bigger, taller, hotter, and more flexible.
  • Robotic resilience: A robot pulls out tiles at random to test and improve the system’s reliability.
  • Distributed cloud infrastructure: Future Digital Infrastructure is not just for huge datacenters run by the Super Cloud 7. The needs of the Internet of Things and 5G means that similar flexible SDI will be seen everywhere.

Learn more here!

Great opening and a lot of energy at @ericsson Hall with our CEO Börje Ekholm #mwc17 #ericssonlive A new day at Digital Frontier

— giuseppe de Lucia (@peppe_delucia) February 26, 2017

Did you miss our live tour? Catch it on replay now!



On Feb 22nd, we hosted the latest of Futurecast Series with guest Tim Chang of the Mayfield Fund joining us to discuss “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence.” Check it out here, and if you love talking AI, be sure to join us in person in MWC, or follow us live on Facebook for this very special panel!

Click here for Facebook video!


Now, who could be visiting us down in Barcelona? Stay tuned to find out!

Here's a #sneakpeak behind the scenes at @ericsson's area inside #MWC17! Join us there, in Hall 2 at Fira Gran Via:

— Ericsson Cities (@EricssonCities) February 21, 2017

You may have noticed there's quite a few announcements coming out before Mobile World Congress.

Here are the highlights:

We are looking forward to welcoming thousands of people to the Ericsson booth in Hall 2 at Mobile World Congress in just a short time--but we know that not everyone will be able to be with us in person in Barcelona. So be sure to bookmark the Networked Society blog to get your fix! In the meantime, check out some teasers about how we're pioneering in the digital frontier:

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