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Supporting the IETF in making the Internet work better

The upcoming 98th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in Chicago (USA) March 26 - 31, 2017, is hosted by Ericsson as part of our long-term commitment to support the IETF in their important work. One topic we will highlight is design and standardization of security in the emerging 5G systems.

Head of Implementation Components, CTO office

Chicago landscape

Head of Implementation Components, CTO office

Head of Implementation Components, CTO office

In addition to funding the IETF through the hosting of meetings, Ericsson is heavily involved in the IETF community. Many Ericsson IETF participants take part in the technical discussions that result in the publication of RFCs (Requests for Comments), which are the main output of the IETF. Several Ericsson participants also serve in leadership positions at the IETF. In particular, Jari Arkko has served as IETF chair for the last four years.

IETF and 5G

The technical specifications the IETF develops are documented in so-called Standards-track RFCs. These specifications are essential to ensure multi-vendor interoperability in the areas where the IETF is active . Many of these technical specifications will be used in the upcoming 5G systems. The relevance and importance of IETF technologies in the development of 5G systems is obviously one of the main reasons why Ericsson is a strong supporter of the IETF.

5G Security

Security is an area that will be of extreme importance for 5G systems, and where IETF technologies are highly relevant. As part of the Lunch Host Speaker Series, one of Ericsson’s security experts will give a presentation on this topic: The Real Deal on Cellular Security. There will be an overview of the security lessons we have learned from the design, development, deployment, and operation of cellular systems - from analog to 4G – and how those are being applied to securing 5G systems. We are confident that the IETF technical community will find the design and standardization of 5G security a highly interesting topic!

Ericsson’s IETF engagement

Ericsson became a Global IETF host in 2016. Read more about our engagment in the earlier blog post “Ericsson – a global IETF host”.

If you are going to the IETF98, I look forward to seeing you there! If not, I encourage you to explore the possibilities of following the meeting remotely.

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