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Unleashing new possibilities for ecosystem partners and customers at IoT World

With the Internet of Things all about innovation and ecosystems, there's no better place to be than in Silicon Valley. And this week, I’m very excited to be at IoT World, the world's largest gathering of IoT movers and shakers.
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Ericsson's IoT has its roots in our global connectivity leadership but that's just the beginning. At IoT World, we are showcasing the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform, the heart of our end-to-end IoT offerings and the hub for innovation and ecosystem collaboration.

The IoT Accelerator helps telecom operators and enterprises deploy and monetize IoT quickly and safely by taking care of all the important elements, from connectivity and device management, security and analytics, to monetization and application roll outs.

If you’re going to be attending IoT World as well, here are the things I don’t think you’ll want to miss:

  • The IoT Lifecycle Management, a unique IoT Accelerator service that makes onboarding of massive numbers of IoT devices as easy as flicking a switch! Its "zero touch" functionality means IoT devices can now be onboarded in a matter of seconds and then managed throughout their lifecycles.

The IoT Lifecycle Management was our most popular demonstration at MWC earlier this year, generating great interest among telecom operators. At IoT World, we expect it to generate an equally great interest from device manufacturers and enterprises alike.

  • IoT Monetization, another unique IoT Accelerator service offering that monetizes any business model, any service, any relationship for any industry. There's a saying that resonates very well in the world of IoT: if you're not billing for it, it's just a hobby! With IoT still in a nascent development stage with ecosystem partners and new business models forming left, right and center, extreme agility in billing, settlement and partner revenue management will be key to success.

At IoT World, we demonstrate IoT Monetization through industry use cases, including a fleet management example, showing how agile billing and settlement structures can be set up between multiple partners and customers -  all with different business models.

  •  Connected Urban Transport, an example of an industry use case application powered by the IoT Accelerator. An open service exposure platform for the transport industry, it collects and analyses real-time traffic data, and provides actionable recommendations to transport operators, auto makers, drivers and commuters.

At IoT World, we bring Connected Urban Transport to life through compelling use cases, in which vehicles can “talk” to one another, automatically sharing safety and other critical information while enabling roads authorities to use that information to manage traffic efficiently.

With security being a major consideration for all industry participants, we will also highlight how the IoT Accelerator ensures security and privacy across the IoT value chain.

If you are also going to IoT World, make sure you book a demo with us to witness how Ericsson is enabling new possibilities for ecosystem partners and customers at the digital frontier. Join the conversations throughout the week using #EricssonIoT and #IoTW17.

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