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Winning with Excellence at TM Forum Live!

Tonight was a very special evening at the TM Forum Excellence Awards and we at Ericsson are very proud to have contributed to two of the winning submissions!

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Business Transformation of the Year Award

In the category of Smart Business Provider—Verizon and Ericsson together won the Business Transformation of the Year Award. Verizon Enterprise Solutions worked with Ericsson to provide a virtual services environment enabling the rapid launch of the new offerings targeted at enterprises across the globe.

The solution from Ericsson provides end-to-end service orchestration, closed-loop service assurance and virtual network function (VNF) onboarding and testing and supports self-service for Verizon’s customers. It uses Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration, leveraging abstraction, model-driven configuration and automation techniques to contain underlying complexity. The Ericsson VNF Factory enables efficient onboarding and validation of NFV’s into Verizon’s ecosystem—all reducing time to market for new Verizon enterprise services.




Digital Service Innovator of the Year Award

Reliance Jio was also a winner tonight, acknowledging their success as the fastest growing digital services company having reached a subscriber base of 100 million in just 170 days. The deployment of the OSS stack by Ericsson, which is by far the largest deployment by any single operator anywhere in the world, helped Jio to offer a digital lifestyle to their customers. The Ericsson fulfillment solution deployed by Jio spans catalog and order management through inventory and activation.




It’s been a big evening here in Nice with well-deserved success for both Verizon and Jio—congratulations to all of the teams involved!

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