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IETF and 5G

In the IETF, engineers from all around the world meet to discuss and advance technical specifications that will make the Internet work in the future. Some of those technologies will be used in 5G networks, one of the main focus areas for Ericsson. View these videos to find out more about IETF technologies for 5G systems.

Head of Implementation Components, CTO office

IETF and 5G

Head of Implementation Components, CTO office

Head of Implementation Components, CTO office

All films were recorded at the last IETF meeting – IETF98 in Chicago, USA – hosted by Ericsson.

First some short introductions

This is 3 minutes where I explain

  • Which IETF areas will be most relevant to 5G systems
  • How and why Ericsson contributes to the IETF.

2 minutes with Joel Halpern, a distinguished engineer at an Ericsson's business unit, explaining how the IETF helps build multi-vendor networks where interoperability is achieved using IETF protocols.

And here, a 3-minute clip by Jaime Jimenez, a senior researcher with Ericsson Research, on how the IETF attracts technical competence across all layers of the stack.

Recorded talks

For more of a deep dive, below are recordings from two of the talks we made at the IETF98.

Host presentation

In the 10-minute host presentation at the IETF plenary (starting at 2:15), I described some of the technologies that 5G networks will include, such as network slicing and deterministic networking.

The Real Deal on Cellular Security

This 50 minute presentation by John Mattsson, Senior Specialist at Ericsson Research, was part of the the IETF Thursday Lunch Speaker series. In his presentation, John describes how cellular security has evolved in earlier generations and discusses the industry's vision for security and privacy in 5G.

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