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How does a law student fit in at Ericsson Research? How can knowledge in law and technology be combined? Meet Emma and learn all about her experience at Ericsson Research as a summer intern.

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Students from many different fields join Ericsson Research for internships or thesis work. You could be next. Follow our blog to learn about the students at Ericsson Research this summer.

Hi Emma! Why did you choose Ericsson?

“Ericsson has always been well known to me and I have associated them for being at the forefront of technology. I never pictured myself at Ericsson as I don’t study engineering and Ericsson is not a company we talk about much at law school as a potential employer. However, I realized that I could make use of my knowledge in practical terms as Ericsson is a big global company and that comes with many legal issues.”

Name: Emma Stålnacke
Unit: Research promotion support
Education: Law at Uppsala University
Location: Luleå
Age: 21

Emma Stålnacke

Being a law student, what kinds of tasks does Ericsson have to offer you?

“Being a leader in technical development brings legal matters to Ericsson Research’s table regarding patents and copyright. I’ve been working with research promotion support, which involves promoting research projects through Ericsson’s social media channels. This involves careful evaluation of the content we want to share to make sure we don’t publish any classified information or information owned by a third party. A part of what I'm doing is to run this #SummerintheLabs campaign on the blog together with another intern in Luleå!”

So, what do you do when you are not working? Tell us about yourself!

“As I am still in University, I study a lot. Uppsala is a student-friendly city with a lot of things to do every day of the week – there is everything from lectures with interesting people to dinners and sporting events. When I am in Luleå and work over the summer I do what most people do – work out and hang out with friends and family. I like outdoors activities and am going to climb Kebnekaise this summer – the highest mountain in Sweden. I look forward to that!”

Has your perception of Ericsson changed, if yes, in what way?

“I have always known Ericsson is a high-tech company but I did not realize how much room they have for creativity. Ericsson is all for new innovative ideas and this is encouraged through Ericsson Garage, which is an incubator for new technology. This is something I became aware of at Ericsson Research.


There are many legal aspects to work with. Intellectual Property Rights is a major area when it comes to Ericsson Research. This is about protecting Ericsson inventions through patents, and to make sure others can use them on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms. Telecoms regulations – which vary between countries and regions – are central. Customer contracts, supplier contracts, including export and import regulations and requirements, are other key areas.

There is also copyright and Terms of Use for Ericsson services and applications. Even though I have mainly been working with copyright and none of the other legal areas, I have become aware of all the opportunities Ericsson has for students like me.”

What experiences are you going to benefit the most from after your stay at Ericsson?

“I better understand the theoretical issues I studied and how they can be addressed in practice. It has been interesting to see and be part of such a large, global company like Ericsson. Even though I have been based in Luleå during my time at Ericsson, I have worked with people from all around the globe. It has been a great experience to work with people with different professions and backgrounds.”

Facts about Luleå

Facts about Luleå

  • Residents: ~ 77 000
  • Students at Luleå University of Technology: ~ 15 000
  • Latitude/Longitude: N65°35'5,348", E22°9'24,129"
  • Distance from the artic circle: 121 km
  • Hours of daylight: December - 3h 7min, June - 23h 8min
  • Record snowdepth: 113 cm
  • 75% covered by woodland


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