Video stream analysis - Summer in the Labs

Video streaming is a big part of people’s daily life and with new technology being introduced, video quality is becoming more important. Improving this quality is what Hannes and Olof have been working on this summer at Ericsson Research.

Video stream analysis

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Ericsson is a popular employer among the classmates of students Hannes and Olof. Several people in their class apply for internships at Ericsson every year. This is Hannes first summer working for Ericsson and the second for Olof, who worked at Ericsson a few years ago, before attending university.

Name: Olof Enström
Unit: Research - Media
Education: Computer scinence and engineering at Luleå university of technology
Location: Luleå
Age: 22

Olof Enström

Educational background

Olof and Hannes are both pursuing a master of science degree in computer science and engineering. Olof will start his fourth year soon, while Hannes is one year ahead and will start his fifth (and final) year. They have both chosen their master’s degrees within information and communication technology.

Tasks at Ericsson Research

Hannes and Olof are doing their internship together at Ericsson Research. Their research area is media and their task is to create a system that collects and analyzes data from video streams. This is used to understand media quality based on certain parameters such as audio- and video-bitrates, video buffering, and size of the display.


They told us that the biggest challenge so far has been to make the system compatible with several media players. Another challenge has been to make their system understandable for other persons. At Ericsson, it is important to create solutions in a systematic way so that other persons can understand how the system is built. Olof and Hannes tell us that this is not the focus at school – the primary focus there is for themselves to understand the functionality rather than explaining it to someone else. In contrast, Ericsson has a company-wide standard for code quality and structure.

Even though they learn a lot at Ericsson beyond what they have learnt at school, they both agree that their task would be impossible to solve without their educational experiences. "Our database class has been invaluable," says Olof. Hannes agrees and adds that it's interesting to see how everything they have learnt in different classes can be integrated in practice.

"Ericsson is a rewarding job. We get to use our knowledge from school and keep developing that with this practical experience."

Name: Hannes Edvartsen
Unit: Research - Media
Education: Computer science and engineering at Luleå university of technology
Location: Luleå
Age: 23

Hannes Edvartsen


Olof's and Hannes' internship has fulfilled their expectations. They have been given a great deal of responsibility which has been inspiring for them. Aside from the implementation of the quality estimation model specified by the ITU-T standard P.1203, the system they are working on has been built by them from scratch. Hannes explains that they were given specifications from their managers to fulfill but how to achieve these has been their responsibility. They have appreciated the freedom to come up with their own solutions. They say that it feels extra motivating to work with something new and that can make a difference in the future. "Ericsson is a rewarding job,” says Hannes. “We get to use our knowledge from school and keep developing that with this practical experience."

When not working

In their free time, Olof and Hannes enjoy relaxing in front of the television watching series or hanging out with friends. Hannes adds that he likes to work out – specifically he plays bandy, a traditional winter sport in Sweden.

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Facts about Luleå

Facts about Luleå

  • Residents: ~ 77 000
  • Students at Luleå University of Technology: ~ 15 000
  • Latitude/Longitude: N65°35'5,348", E22°9'24,129"
  • Distance from the artic circle: 121 km
  • Hours of daylight: December - 3h 7min, June - 23h 8min
  • Record snowdepth: 113 cm
  • 75% covered by woodland
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