Why IoT is an ecosystem of ecosystems

In May, my colleagues and I had the privilege of taking part in Internet of Things World 2017, a gathering of industry movers and shakers held in that iconic hotbed of innovation – Silicon Valley. The level of enthusiasm and creativity we saw among the many players we met points to the enormous, transformative potential of IoT.

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Clearly, we are at the beginning of something big and, as an industry, we still have much work ahead of us, particularly in the area of IoT ecosystem development. It’s obvious that IoT is an ecosystem game and no single company can do it alone. But with the market remaining highly fragmented, most of today's IoT solutions are created through ad-hoc partnerships among technology suppliers – a model that doesn’t provide a sustainable, long-term blueprint for industry growth.

Telecom is central to IoT

To take IoT to the next level, we need concerted efforts among ecosystem players to create hubs for innovation, IoT ecosystem collaboration, and partnerships. We need to bring together service providers, device manufacturers and application developers.

The global telecom community is uniquely well-suited to create these ecosystems of ecosystems. Collectively, service providers run the world’s largest IoT network with established relationships with enterprises around the globe.  It can bridge between enterprises, app developers and the startup community to further enrich IoT use case applications, while providing device manufacturers features such as securely activating massive numbers of devices as easily as flicking a switch.

flicking a switch.

Learn about our IoT platform

This is where the Ericsson IoT Accelerator comes in. The IoT Accelerator is our cloud-based, full-function platform that sits at the heart of our end-to-end IoT portfolio. It offers a marketplace in which our customers and app developers can create solutions, with additional features including security, analytics and a sophisticated monetization engine to take on the complex task of billing and settlement – all to ensure a speedy time-to-market. For device manufacturers, we offer Zero Touch Onboarding of devices onto the IoT Accelerator, using the LwM2M protocol backed by the IPSO Alliance.

IoT innovation together

But for all its great features, we see the partnership as the key. As IoT ecosystem partners, we will be innovating together, along with our customers, in Ericsson IoT Business Labs around the world, bringing IoT concepts to reality.

If you are a device manufacturer, we would like to hear from you. Get in touch with our IoT Accelerator team to explore how we, together, can take IoT to the next level and unleash its full potential.

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