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Dilek has been managing the Twitter account and LinkedIn group for Ericsson Research this summer. She has been using a range of graphic design programs to create visual assets such as animated gifs, photos and videos. She has also monitored and promoted our presence at conferences across the globe. Here, we learn more about Dilek’s challenges and accomplishments this summer.

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What challenges have you faced?
We have only few seconds to incite people to click. Millions of tweets are shared on social media every day and a massive number of companies are trying to promote their brands. Many users quickly scroll down on the main menu where posts and commercials co-exist and they decide in a few seconds whether a post is interesting or not. A good photo is worth a thousand words. Adding visuals such as an interesting photo or an animated gif is an effective way to attract attention.

Dilek Pinar Akyol

Name: Dilek Pinar Akyol
Unit: Research promotion support
Education: Business Administration at Bilkent University, Ankara.
Location: Luleå
Age: 29

What have you accomplished?

I want to be a value adder – to make a difference in the team and place of work. I am proud to say I kept the Ericsson Research social media channels not only alive this summer but also active. I strived to evolve the Twitter channel content and our statistics show this has been well received by our followers as engagement has increased. I have learned about ways to analyze online behavior, support brand recognition, and how to reach and influence people via social media. Ericsson provides a great environment for development and encourages people to accomplish world-class results. During my internship, I had a chance to use the latest professional graphic design programs and I had access to Ericsson's internal learning platform, which was useful. By way of examples, I created these in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop:



Tell us about your educational background.

I studied Business Administration at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. I did four years’ work experience in business management and marketing before moving to Sweden in 2015, where I have taken additional master level courses in business and project management.

What do you do when you are not studying?
I love dancing, I’ve danced salsa for seven years. Now I have a young son and spend much time with my family. We travel as much as we can, taking photos, and collecting souvenir shot glasses. Taking photos and learning more about digital design are two things I will never give up.


How will your work experience at Ericsson Research benefit your future career?

I got the opportunity to work with people with diverse professions and backgrounds and this helped me to expand my professional network dramatically. In addition, I enriched my marketing, branding and social media management proficiencies with graphic design. I believe that these skills will provide me a competitive advantage and help me differentiate myself in my professional life.

Facts about Luleå

Facts about Luleå

  • Residents: ~ 77 000
  • Students at Luleå University of Technology: ~ 15 000
  • Latitude/Longitude: N65°35'5,348", E22°9'24,129"
  • Distance from the artic circle: 121 km
  • Hours of daylight: December - 3h 7min, June - 23h 8min
  • Record snowdepth: 113 cm
  • 75% covered by woodland
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