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Summer vacations are over here in Sweden and what could be better than kicking off the autumn with a new approach to the blog?! We’ll keep posting about our research but we’ll also be updating you with less “polished” posts, such as this one.

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Acquiring insights and turn them into knowledge is a fundamental part of any design and/or research activity. In today's information saturated world we obviously do this in many ways, primarily digitally, but we also do enjoy the old printed word.

So what have our team been reading lately? Well, here are three publications found on our desks.

"Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life" by Adam Greenfield

Greenfield has been (rightfully) praised for his relentless work with reflecting and dissecting the societal impact of new technologies, and we happily join in. Working within the tech industry we obviously see truly great potential in new technologies. However, we firmly believe that exploring these opportunities needs to be done in a reflective – often critical – manner, something that books like this help us with.

"A Technique for Producing Ideas" by James Webb Young

Perhaps the shortest and least scientific book on creativity and innovation one will ever read, though still rather bloody good. Our bet is that anyone that do work that includes coming up with novel ideas will nod in agreement many times when reading this. To us it's also a good reminder of some of the things we take for granted when we do our projects, yet sometimes tend to do less good (like doing nothing, for example).

"Inspiring Future Cities & Urban Services. Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services Initiative" by the World Economic Forum

Policy documents are... interesting. They might not be the most imaginative reads since they often cover a lot of things in a rather generic manner, but they are often good ways into the reasoning within domains that are both broad and hard to get access to. This document in particular has been really useful in providing interesting pointers for our work on ICT and sustainable urbanism, a theme that we'll discuss more in upcoming posts.

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