Nepalese student investigates video streaming - Summer in the Labs

Nepalese master’s student Prabha is 27 years old and doing her internship at Ericsson Eurolab in Herzogenrath, Germany, before starting her thesis. She is currently working in the Media Technologies department on the topic of Low latency Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming for Managed Video Delivery.


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Low latency for video streaming

Prabha’ s work involves JAVA simulations with HTTP based video streaming. So far, she has predominantly investigated low latency, especially regarding video downloads, using adaptive HTTP streaming with standards such as DASH and HLS. She is also implementing a software simulation framework which works for live video streaming for multiple client environments. This will be used to investigate the effects on rate adaptation among multiple users competing for shared bandwidth resources and for investigating optimization approaches to enhance quality of experience in managed network environments.

Name: Prabha Thapa
Unit: Media Technlogies
Education: Information & communication engineering at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen
Location: Aachen, Germany
Age: 27

Prabha Thapa

Prabha chose to do her internship and master thesis at Ericsson because she found the topic interesting and relevant to her studies: "This job suits me well as I study communication engineering and like programming. It is an opportunity to learn and polish my skills.” Prabha believes her time with Ericsson will benefit her studies and future career because she learns to apply her knowledge from university to attempt to solve ‘real-world’ problems.

On a personal note

Prabha enjoys going swimming when she finds the time. She likes watching series and has recently also found an interested in politics.

When asked about challenges with her internship, Prabha chooses to look positively at these and see them as opportunities. Working with a software simulator and alongside experienced researchers has pushed her to become more detail oriented – as even small mistakes can have a big impact. “It has been rewarding to work with many experienced people and they give me great support. This brings out the best in me,” said Prabha.

Prabha completed her bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in her hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal, and is doing her master’s in Information and Communication Engineering at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen in Giessen / Friedberg, Hessen, Germany. She joined Ericsson Research as an intern in June 2017 for two months and will further continue with her master thesis till the end of January 2018.

Facts about Aachen

Facts about Aachen

  • Residents: ~ 245 000
  • Students at RWTH Aachen University: ~ 44 000
  • Latitude/Longitude: 50°46′35″ N , 6°05′00″ E
  • Aachen is known for being the westernmost city in Germany, located close to the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands.
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