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This engineering student got to work with the very latest 5G measurements. She was inspired by the environment of experts and innovators at Ericsson Research. Students from many different fields join Ericsson Research for internships or thesis work. You could be next. Follow our blog to learn about the students at Ericsson Research during the summer 2017.

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Hi, Eda! Who are you and what are you doing at Ericsson Research?
Hi! I am 24 years old and pursuing an M.Sc. in Communications Engineering at Aalto University in the Wireless Communications track. I am a Researcher Trainee in the Wireless Access Networks area at Ericsson Research, Nomadic Lab, Finland.

Name: Eda Genc
Unit: Wireless Access Networks
Education: M.Sc. in Communications Engineering at Aalto University
Location: Jorvas, near Helsinki in Finland
Age: 24

As a summer trainee, I took part in radio measurements for 5G and different Internet of Things technologies. 5G is the next generation of cellular systems. IoT is about connecting billions of “things” – machines, appliances or sensors, for example – to monitor and control them or enable automation. After performing measurements, it was also my responsibility to analyze the collected data and required parameters, which combines practical and theoretical skills. Being part of research about emerging and modern technologies, gaining practical experience about measurements and learning most recent versions and updates on 5G and IoT is a big opportunity for me. The hands-on 5G measurements I was involved in have actually never been done before!

Tell us more about your studies and why you chose to study Communications Engineering
My studies focus on wireless communication system architectures, like LTE and 5G, processing methods, resource control methods, and the related spectrum management issues. My interest in communications came in sight during my undergraduate studies with the courses I attended related to information theory, wireless communication systems, signals and systems theory, antennas, radio engineering and electronics design. Interest deepened during an internship at an operator company in Turkey, and with projects I participated in at the RF Electronic Laboratory, which bridged my studies and the industry.

Why did you apply to work at Ericsson?
Ericsson has always been an inspiring company for me, even before starting Communications Engineering studies. Ericsson is an expert company in the field of communications and networking, especially the research department does reformative work. It is one of the dream companies for students in related fields. From the application process through the whole period, the summer trainee program felt competitive and offered discovery of new possibilities for learning and working with experts and the best and brightest minds, who solve the networking and communications challenges confronting our world through innovation and research. It is inspiring to feel the environment full of new ideas and expertise, and to expand on my field of study.

What was the most challenging part of your work?
The most challenging part of my work was parts of the analysis of the 5G measurements. Even though I had theoretical knowledge about 5G communications, collecting data through measurements and being able to analyze the right content requires experience, not just knowledge. My colleagues’ advice and expertise helped me solve these challenges.


Facts about Helsinki

  • Residents: ~ 640 000
  • Size: 715 000 km², ~ 70% sea
  • Latitude/Longitude: 60°10′15″N, 24°56′15″E
  • Founded in: 1550
  • Capital city since: 1812
  • Official languages (% mother tongue): Finnish (~85%) Swedish (~6%)
  • City nicknames: Stadi, Hesa
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