Happy 25th birthday, Internet Society!

The Internet Society (ISOC) turns 25 this year, and Gonzalo Camarillo, Chair of the Board of Trustees, wants to congratulate it on its big anniversary!

Happy 25th birthday

Director of Data/lT standardization

Director of Data/lT standardization

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focuses on three areas, all of which are extremely relevant to Ericsson: development, technology, and internet policy. This is why Ericsson is a Platinum member of the organization. Let’s look at all three and how we work together with the ISOC:

  • Development
    Both ISOC and Ericsson work on building capacity around the world, and the ISOC’s work in this area is directly related to Ericsson’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility activities. The ISOC activities range from building new networks to educating people.
  • Technology
    ISOC’s technology area is well known for its role as the primary financial supporter of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), while Ericsson is part of the exclusive group of IETF Global Hosts, which support the IETF from the industry side. Given my two roles as head of data/IT standardization for Ericsson and chairman of the board of ISOC, I spend a significant part of my time working in this area.

    In the following video, Jari Arkko (from Ericsson Research), Steve Crocker (chairman of the ICANN board), and I share some thoughts on the future of interoperability and standards:
  • Policy
    ISOC’s Internet policy area includes work with governments, regulators, and other stakeholders to have policies for an Internet that is open, globally-connected, and secure.

Celebrating ISOC’s 25th anniversary in Los Angeles

ISOC’s 25th anniversary ceremony took place in Los Angeles earlier this month. The venue at the UCLA campus was particularly meaningful, as the first ARPANET message was sent here back in 1969.

The main theme of this celebration was the creation of a link between the past and the future. Looking into the past, 14 people were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. The accomplishments of all of them in their respective areas were truly impressive.

You can watch their acceptance speeches in the following video:

Looking to the future, the 25 under 25 awards recognized 28 young innovators (25 awards plus 3 honorable mentions) from all around the world. These young innovators, all under 25 years of age, had the chance to interact with the new Hall of Famers over dinner. These interactions turned out to be a great experience for both groups! It was possible to listen to stories about the birth and first steps of the internet as well as stories about what the future will bring and how that future is being built as we speak.

Launching the 2017 Global Internet Report

During the ceremony, ISOC’s 2017 Global Internet Report was launched. The report analyzes the most important trends at present and puts forward a set of recommendations for the future. You can watch the panel who presented the report in the following video:

To top it all off, the InterCommunity 2017 event brought the ISOC community together over the Internet. In a non-stop session, discussions about important Internet issues went from regional node to regional node starting in Los Angeles in the evening, continuing in Tokyo, and then going all around the world to finish back in Los Angeles in the morning.

Also looking into the future, the following video captures both hopes and fears for the Future Internet:

Both ISOC and Ericsson will work on making as many hopes as possible come true while keeping as many fears as possible from materializing.

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