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Developer Sandra joined Ericsson Research as an intern this summer. She has been working with machine intelligence in a research project that was a collaboration between an industrial production company, Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Ericsson. Here, she shares some of the things she has achieved and what it is like sharing a workspace with our experts.

Machine intelligence

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Why did you choose Ericsson Research for your internship?
There are many skilled people at Ericsson that I have much to learn from. This is my second summer here and I’ve learned a lot so far. What I find most valuable is not just the specific knowledge they share, but rather their approach to problem solving. It is not the specific answer that you learn from; it’s about learning how to get there.

Name: Sandra Bäckström

Unit: Machine Intelligence – Machine Learning
Education: Computer Science – data science at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
Location: Kista, Sweden
Age: 21

More specifically, this summer I worked on a collaboration research project between an industrial production company, Chalmers University and Ericsson. The project aims to explore the digitalization of production. The idea is to create digitalized machines with 5G connectivity to improve productivity. My tasks have involved time-series data analysis and maintenance prediction of a production machine using deep learning techniques.

What do you work with?
I work with Machine Intelligence, and did so last summer as well. I will begin my last year of M.Sc. studies in computer science, the data science track. It is valuable to learn to apply my knowledge to real datasets and real problems. I work in the Machine Intelligence department – with the Machine Learning team – and we all work with new and cool technologies. It is fun and inspiring to talk to others in the group about what they do, what they’ve achieved and what their challenges are.

What is it like being a summer intern at Ericsson?
It is worthwhile and fun. It’s a great place for practising what I have learned at university – and for learning new things that university cannot teach you. There are two other interns where I work and I know a few other summer interns from other parts of Ericsson. We sometimes have lunch together and it’s great to know other interns and hear about their work and experience.

What do you do when you are not working?
During the year, I study at KTH here in Stockholm and study quite a lot, but also work part-time as a developer at a startup. There is a horseback riding organization at KTH that I also ride with when I have time. Otherwise I spend time with my friends and enjoy various activities that Stockholm has to offer. During the summer I try to make use of the weekends. Spending time in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago and going north to hike in the Swedish mountains are things I’ve done this summer.

Kista facts

Facts about Kista

  • Kista is a district in the city of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital
  • Latitude/Longitude: 59.4024° N, 17.9465° E
  • Location of Ericsson Headquarters
  • Hosts departments of KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University
  • Named after an old farm “Kista Gård”, still located in the area
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