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What is interplay and why is it so important?

All businesses and technologies operate in environments where various ecosystems interplay with each other, for example, the hardware ecosystem and the software ecosystem. New hardware makes new software possible—and software ideas are challenging the hardware industry to make them possible.

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"Interplay" is the first in a series of seven key words that you must understand to succeed in the digital era; all are explained by Jason Hoffman, Head of Technology, Business Area Digital Services at Ericsson.


Do you have an interplay strategy?

Did you know that the processing power of a supercomputer that cost USD 60 million to build in Japan in 2009 can be bought today for USD 3,000? This example shows how important it is to study the interplay between ecosystems and understand what is going on around you in order to time investments in technology and avoid cases similar to the supercomputer.

An interplay analysis helps you to design technology to be open for changes. How should we architect our system if X happens or if Y doesn’t happen? The reason that artificial intelligence and machine learning are finally happening for real is that we have hardware that can power software for those applications. And when the applications are used, new ideas are triggered that the hardware industry must help to enable.

If you have done your interplay analysis correctly and implemented a strategy based on that analysis, you will be in a good position to design for the future. The risk of getting obsolete from a technology perspective is minimized.

Cloud Conversation with Jason Hoffman: interplay

Listen to Jason dive into this further in his second Cloud Conversations podcast with Dodi Axelson, Head of Ericsson News Desk:

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Discover more about how technology evolves in the paper Jason Hoffman co-wrote on Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI).

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