Why continuous improvement is more important than technology

Most of us have the desire to continuously improve. It can be about being a better parent, a faster runner, a nicer friend, or a smarter student.

How can you be better, faster, cheaper?

Successful companies do this as well. Above all technologies and platforms lies customers' desires to continuously improve the unit economics of their business and be better, faster, cheaper. Think about it: many of the English words we append "-er" to mean continuous improvement. 

Therefore, every product, solution, or service must be a mechanism to add "-er" to your business. It could be cloud, DevOps (or NoOps), AI, or machine learning. These are all technologies that should make things better, faster, or cheaper for you.

If they don’t, then you shouldn’t do them.

Continuous improvement is hard

Knowing how to continuously improve, however, is difficult. It requires a mission, focus, and discipline. Can you write down three things that you’ve done continuously better over the past few years?

Professional athletes can often answer this question easily as they have a clear mission, focus, and a lot of discipline. For the rest of us, it’s usually harder.

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