Dell'Oro names Ericsson top vendor for Evolved Packet Core

Ericsson maintains top ranking for Evolved Packet Core, all according to a recently published report from Dell’Oro Group. It’s interesting to see how we over the last 4 quarters strengthen our number 1 position for EPC as recognized by Dell’Oro report below, making it possible for us to prepare and invest in virtual EPC and 5G Core networks.


Source: Dell’Oro Group Wireless Packet Core Quarterly Report—3Q17


Best performance available

So how have we delivered for the future of Evolved Packet Core lately? Quite well actually, delivering on a commitment to supercharge the packet throughput performance of packet gateways. We believe the Ericsson Evolved Packet Gateway offers the best performance available on the market today, both as physical network function and virtual network function, at least doubling the authentic "real-world" performance of any other packet gateway available today.

It’s not just about forwarding packets at extreme rates, though. Network operator value is realized by enabling node count reductions, lowering the costs to provision mass-market virtualized services, and preparing for the migration to 5G with network slicing. We are live with implementation of virtual network slices covering MBB, Enterprise, Massive IoT and Communication services (VoLTE/WiFi Calling). This includes key tier1 deployments in Korea, US, Japan and Europe. Especially in the 5G and IoT area we see a broad interest, including Verizon and Softbank.


Transformed ways of delivery provides benefits

Another customer demand is to reduce time to market for software enhancements. That’s why we are committed to agile software design, constantly looking for opportunities to make improvements, and delivering software as soon as it is ready. Our continuous software delivery and deployment has completely transformed the way we deliver new Evolved Packet Core software to network operators, providing many operational and business benefits.

As part of CD&D we introduced support in Virtual EPC for ETSI MANO compatible automation workflows, both Openstack and VMware compliant. As an example: An IoT slice can now be installed & configured and ready for first connected thing in less than 15 min. Stay tuned, you will hear more about this later.

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