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Join us live for the TM Forum Dubai event detailing the latest information, insights and key note takeaways to discuss Digital Transformation taking place in Middle East.

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Summary of the event

Overall it was an engaing and interesting event with lots of technology executives from the mobile and fixed operators in the region, with interesting keynotes and lot of interesting customer discussions.

Petter Järtby, Head of Global Customer Unit Etisalat & Customer Unit Pakistan at Ericsson summarizes some of the interesting topics from the customer discussions during the first day with e.g. Etisalat, DU and Deutsche Telecom. There have been discussions on the digital transformation in Dubai, but also what is happening in Europe and North America.The Digital transformation is not only about technology, but also about changing the ways of working for the operators as well as for the vendors. Innovation is crucial for the operators to be able to capitalize on the infrastructure and data they are sitting on. What we have earned money on in the past, the connectivity, will not be sufficient going forward, we need to find new revenues based on customer data.

Indranil Das, Head of Digital Services at Ericsson Middle East & Africa, summarizes his keynote about "Winning at the digital edge". He talked about the anatomy of a digital service provider and what the digital will world will look like in the next 5 years. He also touched upon topics like, 5G, IoT, quantum computing, digital securit, voice control automation and artificial intelligence

Invitation to the event

22nd and the 23rd of January 2018, the first TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Middle East conference took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel Dubai, after a successful event in Asia. As such, Ericsson is one of this year’s main sponsors, and will have a speech at the conference shedding light into today’s consumers expectations, companies changing business models, organizational challenges, and the upcoming technologies underpinning transformation in the coming 5-7 years.

“At Ericsson, our mission is collaborating with service providers for their successes with self operating and programmable networks, served with digital engagement. This event is a great opportunity for us to meet other like-minded technologists, who are also committed to making transformation come to life. As an organization we aim to promote collaborative efforts, that can stimulate a globalized push to bring better experiences to our customers, and their end users”, said Indranil Das, Head of Digital Services, Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

Dubai at night

The TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Middle East is the only telecoms event in the Middle East which is focused on digital transformation. The event will gather together over 200 delegates representing senior executives from leading operators, vendors, and consultants networking in a unique environment of collaboration.

Speaker schedule day 1

On the first day you will hear Indranil Das, VP and Head of Digital services, Market Area Middle East and Africa, talking about winning the Digital Edge, and the impact of digital engagement, automated operations and distributed and programmable networks.

TMF MMEA agenda

For more information go to Ericsson Digital Services.

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