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According to Ericsson Consumerlab´s recent report “Six calls-to-action”, despite the recent trend of waiving data usage for certain apps or services (zero-rating) and unlimited plan wars across countries, consumer preferences are for individualization, and choosing the products and services they want most at the time and location they need most.

Centralized Catalog Orchestration

This makes it a top priority for Operators to be able to quickly launch new personalized offers to the market. But the process is typically lengthy as it requires multiple business processes, domains and capabilities across the organization. While cross department/domain cooperation is mandatory, stovepipes continue to proliferate and complete dependency on technical domain expertise slows the process. The average time from idea to revenue for a new offer can range from 32 to 64 weeks! According to the "Six calls-to-action" study user demands also continue to get more complex.


Ericsson Digital BSS can be used to efficiently create any type of new product—from simple promotion-based offerings to more complex multi-party and network-based offerings such as VoLTE. Common to each offering, is the use of a centralized Catalog-orchestrated environment that drives all phases of the product lifecycle.

The result is much faster time-to-market, service configuration speed and accuracy, uniform provisioning of complex network services across multiple channels, and the ability to leverage partner-provided assets in the creation of new digital services.


A new user interface for dynamic marketing

At OSS/BSS User Group 2017 we showcased Ericsson Catalog Manager user interface (UI) targeted at marketing & product management users. With this new user experience marketing teams will be able to make quick changes to existing product offers, create new ones by copying existing ones or create new product offers using building blocks created by IT groups. The new UI underpins the need to drive new digital product offers to market in 5 minutes, not 5 months.

Want to learn more? Download Ericsson Consumerlab recent report “Six calls-to-action"!

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