Meet an Ericsson Innovation Awards regional winner: team Nexus Associates

Today, we are featuring an interview blog from team Nexus Associates, the Ericsson Innovation Awards winners for Region Southeast Asia & Oceania. Nexus Associates is made up of two students from the University of Melbourne in Australia – Eugene F. and Shelby U.

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Nexus Associates won their region for their idea to influence the future of truth. Their innovative blockchain network explores a new way to categorize and search information, allowing companies, governments and consumers to make faster, better informed decisions.

How did you meet? 

My colleague Eugene and I met as professional post-graduate students at the University of Melbourne with a common interest in law, out of the box business mindset and a shared interest in ground breaking blockchain deriving solutions.

Prior to that, Eugene worked as Commercial Lawyer in Ukraine and was majorly engaged in EU countries. On the other hand, my previous post-graduate studies were largely driven by an abiding interest in foreign policy and direct foreign investment given my upbringing in China.

Nexus Associates

Why was this significant?

If asked, Eugene would describe our team forming naturally from common features in professional backgrounds and personal characteristics. Personally, I admired that my friend Eugene had moved his family and changed his career to pursue a love of business in Australia.  I was also impressed with his work ethic and so when the Ericsson Innovation Awards Competition was advertised, it made sense for us to work together.

Together, we are now a concrete cutting-edge team based on shared future aspirations and a thirst to challenge ourselves. Additionally, as recently admitted students to a Master of International Business at the University of Melbourne, Eugene and I have received overwhelming support from our academic mentors which has further encouraged us to aim high and think creatively.

How did you come up with your idea? 

Communities, organizations and individuals share basic organizational principles irrespective of their purpose or origin. We assume these behaviors and pass them on to our successors. Our successors refine, innovate and pursue these ideas to completion, but are rarely nourished to create something new. The emergence of cryptocurrencies and block chain innovations is exciting as it breaks this mold and presents unexplored territories.

I have a basic understanding of email storage theory, so when the opportunity presented itself, and with a shared interest in block chain technology, naturally we thought to combine these ideas for the purpose of building a highly efficient search engine. Little did we know what this idea would become.

In essence, we offer the idea that the Future of Truth should have a focus on empowering end-users rather than imposing on the way that they interact with dynamic technologies. This can be delivered through the visions presented in our concept.

What can we expect from you next?

We are looking forward to the opportunity to build a prototype under the guidance and support of Ericsson mentors; arguably the best prize of the competition! Most importantly, we hope that our ideas and prototype may eventually transform into a game changing vehicle. We have a few unexpected ideas up our sleeves and look forward to inciting your imaginations as they come to fruition.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our team, Nexus Associates.

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