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Our R&D Summer Internship working with big data

Students from many different fields join Ericsson Research for internships or thesis work. You could be next. Summer in the Labs is a blog series on the Ericsson Research Blog where interns at Ericsson Research told us about their experiences.

Summer Internship
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Data analytics and machine learning can be useful for improving many areas. Our summer interns, Olaf, Hannes and Sven share their experiences using data analytics and machine learning to automate, thereby solving streaming quality and Radio Access Network challenges.

Olof’s & Hannes’ Experience in Luleå, Sweden

Olof’s & Hannes

“Ericsson is a rewarding job. We get to use our knowledge from school and keep developing that with this practical experience.”

Olof and Hannes did their internship together at Ericsson Research, where they developed a system to better understand the media quality of video streams. To learn more, check out their blog post Video stream analysis.

Sven’s Internship in Kista, Sweden


“The size of Ericsson opens up to many new interesting application areas where you can explore the use of machine learning within different areas that are not normally looked at.”

During his internship at Ericsson Research in Kista, Sven investigated how machine learning methods can be used in the Radio Access Network. He participated in another project involving the improvement of tools used by researchers at Ericsson and simplifying the sharing of information among colleges. Read his blog post, Exploring Radio with Machine Learning to find out more.

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