Our Summer Internship Experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Summer Internship

Students from many different fields join Ericsson Research for internships or thesis work. You could be next. Summer in the Labs is a blog series on the Ericsson Research Blog where interns at Ericsson Research told us about their experiences.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are at the forefront of technology, and both are enabled by ICT. Raphael, Bo and Jeeeun spent summer 2017 working on exciting AR/VR projects.



Aachen, Germany

“It has been motivating to be able to work within VR and to integrate my knowledge from the courses I took at my university.”

Raphael has created a tour using virtual reality and 360° video technology. Read more about his experience at Ericsson Research in his post, Integrating Virtual Reality into 360 Videos.



“[In addition to] the technical skills I gained during the internship, such as web and HoloJS development, I have also learned how to think with a research perspective”

Together with Jeeeun, Bo worked on a project called AR Collaboration. Read about the project in his post, Collaboration in Augmented Reality.



“Thinking out loud with team members helps me identify problems.”

Read Jeeeun’s thoughts about the AR Collaboration project she’s working on together with Bo, and her ideas for future research in her post, Augmented Reality Prototyping.

Are you interested in an R&D internship where you can use your education to share the future of technology? Go to www.ericsson.com/careers to learn more and apply today.

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