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Setting team goals for 2018: Castles in the air

Bob Dylan has said, “Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.” And, sometimes you find it from surprising places. I came across a that asked us to start dreaming and building castles in the air.
Castles in the air

It is that time of the year when we start dreaming for the new year. They say that when you write your dreams down, you are one step closer to them coming true. Besides, they are even more likely to happen if you share them with others. What a perfect theme for an end of the year or for a new year retrospective!

“I wish that our team…”

We started the retrospective by dreaming individually for our team. We tried to answer the question “What are my wishes for our team for 2018?”

Castles in the air 1

Note, that the wishes listed in the picture are only possible examples. You should of course choose wishes that are important for you and for your team.

“We wish that our team…”

After all the team members had shared their wishes for the team it was time to find our common wishes for 2018. We wrote them down on a big paper sheet so we will have a visual reminder throughout 2018 about our wishes. Visualization is important as usually the dreams just do not come true by themselves. They require work, sometimes even hard work, either consciously or sub-consciously.

Castles in the air 2

“I wish that you…”

Yet another question to consider: “What do I wish for my team mates?” Team members used printed out icons and wrote their wishes down, both work related and personal wishes. Then all wishes were shared and the cards with the wishes were handed out.

Castles in the air 3

“I wish that I…”

At the end everybody took one more icon and wrote down their own work-related wishes and some personal wishes as well.

I must say that after the retrospectives I was truly moved by people sharing their thoughts so openly and making plans for the future together. It was really touching!

Dream big for your team, for your team mates and for yourself! Build some castles in the air together and make them happen 2018!

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