The evolving requirements for BSS for 5G

As we head towards Mobile World Congress we are sure to see a lot more announcements about BSS solutions for 5G. The question which comes to my mind is "what is 2018's challenge for BSS for 5G"?

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Last year, Ericsson, operators and others all showed 5G with the supporting BSS solutions. Of course, network technology has been evolving continuously, and new technologies, interfaces, protocols and standards are required in BSS systems all the time. But is that all 5G is? A new network technology? Or is there more to it?


A step change in business innovation

It is great being in Ericsson. As the industry leader for 5G networks we have a close relationship with our network technology colleagues, and our innovative customers, and have been supporting 5G in our BSS products for quite a while now.

In 2016 we announced the game-changing Ericsson Revenue Manager, designed for 5G, and in 2017 we have been demonstrating exciting new 5G business models with Revenue Manager. It is gratifying to see other vendors now starting their own journeys down this path in the run up to this year's Mobile World Congress, if a little late.

But BSS for 5G is not just about supporting the network technology innovations, exciting as those are. It is about a step change in business innovation. 2018's challenge is not just "how do we charge for network slices?", or even "how do we enable an automated taxi company to charge for time and distance?", but "how do we provide a platform for business innovation on a massive scale?".


Supporting operators for change

Whether we are talking about IoT, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, apps or any of the other technologies enabled by 5G, the challenge our operator customers have is to support all of those innovators, who all want their new business model to work instantly and flexibly. And so do the other 100 businesses knocking on the operator's door.

Oh, and then they all want to change them tomorrow when their "minimum viable product" changes!

Supporting this previously unworkable rate of change in business models, partners and customers for operators is what "BSS for 5G" is really all about. It is what Ericsson Revenue Manager is all about. Ericsson Revenue manager is cloud native from start and supports operators in their digital transformation journey to uncompromising scale, speed and total cost of ownership.

Come and see Ericsson Revenue Manager monetizing network slicing and business model innovation with 5G at Mobile World Congress 2018.

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