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October 10th is Ericsson Safety Day! The purpose of this annual event is to raise awareness about the critical importance of workplace safety and put a spotlight on how all of us, both within Ericsson and across our supply chain, must work together to achieve the vision of zero major incidents. Ericsson is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, not only for our own employees, but also for suppliers that build and service networks on our behalf.

Our core occupational health & safety (OHS) values of ‘awareness’, ‘prevention’ and ‘care’ are helping us to create a positive safety culture at Ericsson. Throughout the year, we work actively in a variety of ways to raise awareness about how to prevent incidents and work-related illness, and strive to ensure that we establish the best OHS practices in the industry. Ericsson Safety Day is just one example of how we are reinforcing our commitment.


The key message that we want to communicate on Ericsson Safety Day, and all year long, is that all of us have to work together and be proactive to ensure our own safety and that of our colleagues. We strongly encourage our employees and suppliers to speak up when they see risks to their own safety or the safety of others. Our goal is for everyone working on behalf of Ericsson to do so safely and return home to their families and loved ones every single day.

To make our safety message as concrete and easy to understand as possible, we have defined seven simple rules known as our Zero Tolerance Safety Rules. The purpose of these rules is to improve our employees’ and suppliers’ understanding of – and adherence to – workplace safety practices. They are available in written form in 10 languages and in video form on our website in 14 languages. We are also committed to creating a “No Blame Culture” that encourages employees and suppliers to report incidents and risks in a transparent way.

Recently we also launched a new OHS induction course that is mandatory for all Ericsson employees. Upon completion of this course the participants will understand why safety is important and have a basic knowledge of workplace risks and applicable mitigation measures.

Since the vast majority of major incidents in recent years have occurred with contractors, we know that improving OHS in the supply chain is key. The three biggest causes of major incidents are driving, working at heights, and working with electricity. We are currently focusing our awareness and training efforts on countries where we have significant operations that could present high risk to health and safety. Since driving is the #1 risk, promoting safe driving practices is at the top of our agenda.

Our Ericsson Safety Day activities will be held at locations around the world on October 10th, with a special focus on the #SafetyStartsWithMe message.

If you would like to learn more about Ericsson’s OHS work, you can find further details on page 33 of our 2017 sustainability and corporate responsibility report.

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