Innovative service offerings for consumers and enterprise users with Ericsson VoLTE

Have you already deployed VoLTE with Ericsson? Or are you considering to do so? It is not just about providing HD voice with good quality in an LTE network, but you can also add on new innovative services for both consumers and enterprise users. Read more about the multiple service offerings and opportunities that Ericsson VoLTE brings to the table.

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

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Build on with new capabilities for your VoLTE network

The Ericsson VoLTE solution is architected and designed to efficiently provide advanced end-user services in today’s market, where subscriptions are no longer for only one user with one device and number.

Service providers can build on their Ericsson VoLTE network and expand with enterprise communication solutions, building on unified communication, WebRTC and IoT voice services, developed together with partners.

VoLTE is a pre-requisite to enable 5G voice, and the Ericsson VoLTE solution will also support 5G voice and future innovative communication services for consumers and enterprise users.


Example services to add on top of your HD voice service

VoLTE brings a lot of capabilities to your network that can be launched quickly and add extra value to any service providers offering. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Wi-Fi calling – Extend the HD voice reach beyond cellular coverage, to provide a better user experience.
  • Multi-device – Enable using the same phone number on multiple devices and transfer calls between your own devices.
  • Advanced messaging – Evolve your SMS service and explore the B2C business opportunities by enabling chat bots to bring in more advertisement revenue.
  • Video communication – Easy add-on of high-quality conversational video calling.

Download our paper and learn more about different use cases and service offerings, and what the Ericsson VoLTE solution can enable in your network.

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