Open source networking days Singapore – Oct 15th

Ericsson is sponsoring and hosting an Open Source Networking days mini summit event in Singapore on Oct 15th in collaboration with Linux Foundation Networking (LFN). Ericsson hosted a similar event last October in Stockholm as part of the European tour. This year, Ericsson is bringing this event to Singapore as part of APAC tour.

Sr.Director Product Management Ericsson Inc.

Sr.Director Product Management Ericsson Inc.

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Ericsson continue to contribute, support and promote several open source projects in the areas of automation, orchestration, SDN, AI/ML, Edge cloud and cloud native technologies. As part of 5G and overall evolution of networking technologies, Ericsson brings innovation and seeks industry alignment among open source technologies and standards.

This is the first time that Ericsson in collaboration with LFN is bringing this event closer to APAC region in Singapore. The main idea behind OSN days is to bring the LFN projects and associated technologies closer to each region to increase the awareness among the community, vendors, service providers and various partners. We have invited community members, our partners, our operator customers, analysts and other industry leaders to this event. Some of the analyst’s firms attending this event include Gartner, ABI research and Frost Sullivan!


Technologies are evolving rapidly

5G will enable service providers to deliver services to all industries. In telecom industry, over the past decade or so, there is a massive acceleration in the technology evolution that will propel innovation and bring new business models and use cases across all industries. Several new open source projects are mushrooming across the industries. Technologies such virtualization, microservices/containers, SDN, orchestration AI/ML and automation will help the future networks & management systems to deploy, operate and manage the services quickly and efficiently optimize the network utilization.


Our agenda at the event

The beauty of the OSN days event is that each event is unique in terms of the topics covered and Speakers. We have a keynote by Iskra Nikolova, VP – Mobile Networks, Singtel. A panel discussion to discuss about various technologies such as cloud native, virtualization etc and how they will enable automation in future networks.


Micro services & Kubernetics discussions

We have included key topics around micro services architecture, Kubernetics and container networking in our agenda. We are transforming the applications that run on legacy proprietary hardware to virtual applications (VNF’s) that run on VM’s over commercial hardware. The VNF applications can still be monolithic. But Virtualization at this level still provides some level of resource utilization benefits. But, the next step, taking this monolithic application and converting them into several micro services will bring many benefits including a much better utilization of resources compared to VM based applications. But, micro services architecture brings several challenges.

For example, as network of these micro services grow in size and complexity, it becomes quite complex to manage them. A several key functions such as discovery, recovery, monitoring and load balancing are needed to manage such a complex service mesh. Istio provides several key capabilities such as traffic management, security, and observability. We will discuss above details in our sessions.

Our other presentations include LFN projects overview, ONAP architecture, AI/ML influenced policy, deep dive in to container networking, cord architecture and ONAP & ONOS demo’s.



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