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Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area Communication Services, in conversation with Dez Blanchfield, Industry Analyst and Business & Technology Consultant, shares how her Communication Services team works closely with software developers to bring new mobile voice-related services into a 4G and 5G world. In case you do not have time to listen to the full podcast, here is the summary.

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

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The topic of conversation has shifted

In this episode of the Transmissions from Tomorrow series, Monica Zethzon describes the unleashing of potential in mobile networks with smartphones and the advent of new advanced voice and communication services. On the agenda is VoLTE and what new opportunities it can bring to the market for consumers and business users.

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It’s no longer about phone size and capacity. It’s all about delivering new value to customers, and the key is speed. How can the time be shortened from software being developed to commercially running in operations with customers?


Voice is the new black

VoLTE is having a massive resurgence and there are new opportunities for monetization of services. One of the opportunities with VoLTE is multi-device, where users can be reached on different types of devices just by using their mobile phone number. Users can also use the same phone number on multiple devices that have separate SIM cards or eSIM, such as a smartphone and a cellular smartwatch.

Download our podcast summary and get the insights and more information about the future of VoLTE. Monica also shares more in-depth insights about how she sees the future evolution of today's mobile voice service, both on current types of devices as well as through taking the operators' communication services into the new world of IoT and 5G.

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