Telecom network analytics use case—EE, Ericsson and data

Mobile operator EE was on a quest to understand more about their customers and their service experience in real time. Listen to Dave Salam, EE Director of Mobility and Analytics, as he talks about how data and analytics are increasingly important to the operation of EE's network and why EE chose to partner with Ericsson.


Continue to read below for my summary of the video interview in which Dave Salam shares EE's telecom network analytics use case. Dave outlines several challenges that EE has set out to adress with its new analytics capabilities.

Better understand the experience for every customer in real time

Quoted text: "EE will know exactly the baseline experience that every customer is having on the network in real time so that we can look to improve service for all of those customers." [0:20]

Data and analytics are increasingly important to the operation of EE's mobile network. According to Dave Salam, EE deploys data analytics to get insights into where customers are on the network in real time and what kind of services they are using on the network. EE will know exactly the baseline experience that every customer is having on the network in real time, and that will enable the mobile operator to improve service for all of those customers.

Simplify frontline access to customer insights

Quoted text: "We chose to partner with Ericsson analytics largely because they had a real simple way of actually making insight available to our frontline." [0:37]

Dave describes the data challenge as having too much data and no easy way to consume it. Partnering with Ericsson around analytics was largely because of the really simple way of making insights available to EE's frontline, that is, to all customer service agents.

With the new capabilities, customer service agents can actually see, in real time, the real experiences of customers as they call into a call center. Customer service agents are empowered to help customers because they have all information at hand about what might be causing issues for customers and they are empowered, therefore, to be able to solve those issues.

Dave shares that the new capabilities make a huge difference to EE in terms of customer satisfaction.

Gain an end-to-end view of the service rather than relying on traditional KPIs that no longer add value

Quoted text: "As an operator that's led the charge in terms of VoLTE in Europe, one of the key things that you see is that traditional KPIs and managing the network no longer works." [1:18]

Dave outlines the need for an improved and holistic end-to-end view of the mobile network service, and he asks us to imagine being able to know in real time the NPS score for each of our customers. He further explains how this reveals if our customers are happy or whether they're disappointed because of the performance that they're getting.

Doing this in real time is a huge step forward and a very powerful capability. Dave references how this is done in the Ericsson Expert Analytics solution with the help of the Service Level Index, SLI.

Start acting on information, personalizing the approach to each and every customer

Quoted text: "Our intention is to give 100% perception of coverage and service to our customers, and we will use this insight and information to drive that perception and service all the way to the end." [2:49]

Dave says that a real, personal approach to each and every customer is now possible. Next, the important thing is to proactively start acting on that information. Examples of actions could be a number of things to improve the experience for customers, how you add coverage, or how you fix faults and prioritize issues on your network. According to Dave, it is how you manage this approach that will dictate the real impact and the perception of the service to the customer.

Concluding the interview, Dave Salam makes it very clear that EE has the intention to use insights and information to drive the customer experience all the way.

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