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Why VoLTE means services to monetize

The use cases for VoLTE are growing, fueled by interest in new devices with operator voice services capabilities. We have compiled a list of addressable use cases, read more and find out how VoLTE can be monetized.

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Industry players working together

Key to enabling and monetizing these kinds of new use cases is widespread VoLTE coverage, and the proliferation of smartphones with VoLTE support. This also include other VoLTE-enabled devices, tablets and wearables for example.

For many of these new services, the person you call also needs to have the service enabled in their device and by their service provider. One example is HD voice (AMR-WB codec): you will not get HD voice quality, unless the person you call also has this functionality available on their smartphone, and the operator should have launched and interconnected their services (if you do not call over the same operator network).

This process can be accelerated, but to make that happen the industry players—operators, infrastructure suppliers, and device and chipset vendors—have to work together.

Bundle to monetize

Everyone will benefit from new valuable use cases: consumers, enterprises, and their customers. And if people find services useful, it is also possible to charge for them. Just do it in a smart way from the start; offering different kinds of targeted bundles is probably a good way to approach this.

Why not make a family bundle for the parents, the kids, grandmother and grandfather, with VoLTE phones that support HD voice and video calling as part of the bundle for example. Then the whole family can communicate easily with each other with high-quality voice (good for the grand parents!) and also easily upgrade to a video call, on their new phones (and not everyone in the family has to get the most expensive smartphone, there are different options of phones for everyone's needs).



Are you aware of everything you can do with your VoLTE network?

As a brief example of the possibilities enabled by a VoLTE network, we have assembled a list of services, many are accompanied by demonstration videos. Download a copy and see what opportunities that lie ahead!



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