Endless Possibilities of Hackathons and Non-Hackathons

At Ericsson, we host global Hackathons/Non-Hackathons several times every year (to know what an earth is a non-hackathon, read my previous blog post). We have hundreds of teams working across the world simultaneously for 28 straight hours – a truly inspiring effort!

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The latest global Hackathon/Non-Hackathon was arranged in October. Ten teams from Ericsson Finland participated this time. Looking at these teams more closely shows the true potential and the endless possibilities of the Hackathons/Non-Hackathons!

Only two teams were actually coding. One team was preparing for Europe’s biggest hackathon, Junction (https://2018.hackjunction.com/), which Ericsson Finland was sponsoring this year. The team hacked around one of our Junction challenges, around the Saved by IoT -challenge (https://2018.hackjunction.com/challenges/saved-by-iot). You know it is so hard to stop and just define a challenge, you also want to try to solve it! And while hacking themselves they also learned to become better mentors for the Junction. The other team, which was coding, was gamifying the learning of Kubernetes.


So, what did the rest of the teams do this time?

Two teams worked with an AI learning challenge and used Elements of AI -course (http://www.elementsofai.com/) to get a good start in their learning of AI. Even the two 9th graders from upper comprehensive school who were doing their work practice program at Ericsson Finland took this challenge together with us.

Some of our UX designers and portal developers from different areas worked together, had fun and made great progress. But they were not coding, instead their result was a video of a customer journey.

We had a team working on efficiency KPIs and on prioritization of an efficiency related backlog.  One team worked on customer communication, looking for ways to improve the quality of introducing a new solution to customers.  Another team looked at code clone detection for developers and found two good tool candidates.One team made user experience study during the hackathon. So soon user experience of that product should be significantly improved.

Furthermore, there was a team working with another one of our Junction -challenges, the Signaling heroes -challenge (https://2018.hackjunction.com/challenges/signaling-heroes). Instead of coding this team used the hackathon to fine-tune the source material and instructions and to learn about the tools required to complete the challenge.

Hackathons/Non-Hackathons give us all endless possibilities to do things we are passionate about with likeminded people! Are you already using all the possibilities of the Hackathons/Non-Hackathons have to offer!?

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