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The buzz in the Business Support System (BSS) world today is about digitalization. Every conference, every analyst and, it seems, even every investor is asking "how do communication service providers go digital?".

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Of course, behind that question are a number of challenges that service providers are moving to address. Some of the main ones are:

  • What does "digital" mean to me and, more importantly, to my customers?
  • How long will the necessary changes take?
  • How much will it all cost?

In Ericsson, our customers are asking us to help with answering these questions and delivering on their strategy.

Customer strategies and challenges

Talking to our customers, we see many different strategies and goals being adopted. In some cases, the focus is on providing a customer experience that is as attractive, and important to the end user, as the big Internet players. In other cases, it is more about exploiting the efficiencies that 5G will bring; for example, to provide more powerful mobile broadband or more effective fixed wireless access. And in other cases, the driver is the innovative business models and opportunities presented by IoT.

Despite the differences in strategies, there are several common themes in the challenges:

  • Putting customers in control, in real-time and without having to call a call-centre.
  • Rapid time-to-market for new services.
  • Fast implementation of new technologies such as 5G and IoT, but with the agility to try out innovative ideas and easily modify or even end those which are not successful.

Of course, once the service provider has decided on their goals, the challenge becomes how to get there from here. In the old joke, the traveller asks a local how to get to their destination and the local says "I wouldn't start from here". But our customers are in the fortunate position of being in a great place to start.

Our customers have been telling us that they have an urgent need to "go digital". They need a strategy which will allow significant progress in a short time, with incremental changes heading towards their goals. And it needs to be cost-effective.

Our solution

The Ericsson Digital BSS portfolio, and the evolution of Ericsson Charging and Billing in One to the new Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform in particular, are the ideal base for this. Service providers are telling us that they need a fast, effective but manageable evolution from their existing solution towards their digital goal. Instead of a major new BSS solution, they want to evolve their existing solution forwards to bring these new capabilities in a low-risk and cost-effective approach.

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform provides many of the capabilities they need on this digital journey:

  • Ericsson Catalog Manager provides for rapid creation of new services and offers, and management of the innovative new digital products they will be creating. It drives the charging and billing updates required to implement these new features in real-time.
  • Mobile broadband charging and policy are fully integrated so that customers can remain in control of their service at all times, get real-time information and notifications and make instant changes to their packages as required.
  • Convergent charging and billing allows for full multi-play offers and all types of converged accounts (prepaid/postpaid, fixed/mobile/TV, personal/employer, etc).

Find out more about our Digital Monetization Platform:

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In addition, Ericsson is investing in a powerful roadmap of evolution for the Digital BSS portfolio which will provide support for 5G and IoT, advanced B2B functionality, an enhanced Catalog UI, an improved (microservices and containers) architecture, a thin digital omnichannel frontend and increased scalability across each of the products.

Our customers have told us that, rather than starting a major new digital transformation, they need an easier solution to becoming digital service providers. Ericsson Digital BSS is ready to provide them with an evolutionary approach today.

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