Executive Team Advisory Board, a new beginning!

Every year, a new group of talented visionaries from around the world is put together to contribute their diverse perspectives to Ericsson´s Executive Team (ET). In these series of posts, you will hear their journey...

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Everything started on a warm sunny autumn day in Stockholm, at a theater located in the middle of one of the nicest districts in the city, Södermalm. There, our Talent Manager and a Talent Consultant were waiting to introduce us to the next great gig of our careers, becoming part of the Executive Team Advisory Board!


As soon as we met, we realized that we were quite a diverse team in every sense, different backgrounds and experience, culture wise, six nationalities / seven people, and almost an even split in gender. We were all different and, for what we have seen so far, quite complementary.


(Ellinor, Shreya, Javi, Hadi, Susanne, Gabriel, Smeeta)

The kick-off helped us get to know each other, playing the “who are you” game, building incredible engineering designs (see below) and a couple of other team building exercises. We also learnt a good technique for problem solving and the use of design thinking, which we have decided to embrace on the challenges and assignments to come. Moreover, we met some of our key stakeholders who introduced us to our first exciting assignment.


(Smart factory manufacturing a F1 autonomous-car prototype)

After that great experience, we joined the Ericsson Global Leadership Summit, where most of the Ericsson top talents were presenting the company vision, current situation and discussing strategy execution. There we had a series of presentations, workshops, opportunities for networking and even some early morning training sessions, where two of us almost didn’t make it through the day after a very challenging rowing competition…


Those days were really good for us as a team, as we managed to spend valuable time together, especially due to the fact that we had to work on our first activity, using the only time we had left during the workshops (…night time), as the days were full of interesting discussions we did not dare to miss.


What was that first activity? We had to prepare a couple of items, first was around the preparations for what we were planning to deliver as part of our first assignment, second, we had to put together our reflections and recommendations around the Summit and, lastly, to present both to the Executive Team, right after the Summit. And so we did! they gave us good feedback, direction for the project and listened actively to our reflections, which they acknowledged and promised to take action on. A very positive experience for us, as one does not have the opportunity to talk to such an experienced, influential and well-integrated team every day.

And now, back to our home units – virtually connected, we are highly engaged on our first assignment, trying to make Ericsson (even) better!

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