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Do you want to know what is needed to enable 5G voice in a mobile network? Join our exclusive webinar on Wednesday, November 28th, to learn more about the technology migration aspects and our recommendations for how to evolve the voice network to 5G.

The topic will be presented by Ralf Keller who has deep knowledge and a long history of experience working with mobile communications.

The webinar is for those who are familiar with VoLTE and want to know how to take the voice service into 5G.

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The journey to 5G

The journey to 5G has several possible migration paths and steps. Smartphones require a voice service in 5G. They will not select 5G access unless they can detect a voice service. This means that voice must be supported in all 5G evolution steps involving smartphones or similar voice-centric devices.

The industry has agreed that the IMS telephony service will continue to be used in 5G. Therefore, the voice evolution starts with VoLTE. This webinar outlines the voice service aspects, migration aspects, and recommendations for deployments using option 3 and option 2.


Ralf Keller has a PhD in computer science and joined Ericsson in 1996. Today, he is working with 5G Packet Core Architecture. He is an Ericsson expert for multi-access and multi-media co-existence, and his work embraces technology studies and contributes to product strategies for mobile communication. This includes work on 5G System (5GS), communication services in 5G, migration to 5GS, and interworking and co-existence with legacy networks.

He is also active in the GSMA, covering the 5G introduction and profiling of 5G and, in the past, VoLTE/ViLTE and Wi-Fi calling, including messaging, Open Market Devices, IMS/VoLTE roaming, IP Communication UNI, and alignment with 3GPP.

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