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Ericsson’s Digital Services recently launched a podcast series in partnership with Dez Blanchfield called, Transmissions from Tomorrow, which has attracted over 1 million listens to date. Co-founder and host of the series, Dez Blanchfield, offers listeners unlimited access to the people on the pulse of change at Ericsson, and serves up the latest trends, insights and predictions for the future of Digital Services.

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“People with passion can change the world for the better” – so said Steve Jobs.

In large organizations it is easy to forget that it is our people that create the passion, the projects, the products, the portfolios and indeed, the capability and potential of an organization.

Mostly, it’s the end result – the product – which makes the news or is featured on the front pages. However, it’s important to highlight the talent, the diversity and the academic caliber of people working behind the scenes to make sure all of us are 5G ready, and in the position to take full advantage of the business opportunities that await.

Transmissions from Tomorrow: Now available on Spotify

There is nothing more absorbent than a good “fireside chat” podcast that sweeps you up into a parallel universe. In this series, you can gain unlimited access to the people on the pulse of change in roles as diverse as Research and Development leads, User Experience and Design, and those who work at heart of data analytics and the customer experience journey. Digital strategist and social publisher Dez Blanchfield, hosts Ericsson’s latest Transmissions from Tomorrow podcast series, which discusses the technology trends Ericsson’s experts are leading, tracking and preparing for.

In addition, Dez asks his guests his trademark question: to gaze into a “virtual crystal ball” and let us know what they think will happen in the next 12 to 18 months. Hence the naming of the podcast series reflects the industry as we experience it today, what the network manages in terms of ‘transmissions’ and how it will transform the future ‘from tomorrow’.

To date, 15 Ericsson subject matter experts have been invited to be guests of the podcast show, sponsored by Ericsson Digital Services with host of the show Dez Blanchfield, B2B Strategist & Practitioner who works in key rapid growth markets such as Telecoms & Mobile, Data Science, AI, Cyber Security, IoT, Blockchain, Banking, Finance, Transport, Health and Smart Cities.

When asked what he felt the success of the podcast series has been thus far, series co-founder & host Dez Blanchfield commented; “I have always aimed to create shows that I would like to listen to myself. I want my subscribers and listeners to get to know my guests, develop a rapport with them, feel they know and trust them within the first sixty seconds. So that, as I delve into the conversation and key topics with my guests, we are able to take listeners on a journey where listeners feel like they are there with us in the room, part of the conversation – I always want folk to leave each show feeling like they want to tune into the next episode and learn more. Each week I get feedback that indicates this format is working, the number of times I get direct messages asking: ‘when is that guest going to be back on the show?’ is astounding, that sort of feedback always makes my day.”

The podcast series, has attracted over 1 million listens to date, and is now available on Spotify. Or, you can simply click here to explore all 15 episodes today.

Find out the latest trends and predictions for the future of digital services

Dez chooses his guests to represent those who are the leading edge of propelling digital transformation forward – while keeping pace with the speed of change. The Australian host, as an experienced interviewer, manages to ease his guests with his Aussie charm into a ‘fireside chat’. Some of the brightest minds inside Ericsson share with Dez, their academic track record, achievements, career history, career challenges, how they manage to keep ahead of the curve and how they plan to challenge technology conventions through creativity.

Someone once explained that Ericsson Digital Services is like the engine that propels digital forward. For with 5G there is no voice without VoLTE, no data without Packet Core, no slices without orchestration and no monetization without revenue management. In this podcast series; ‘Transmissions from Tomorrow’ by Dez Blanchfield, he tackles each of these essentials and more.

One of the highest rated podcasts was when Dez got up close and personal on the topic of Network Slicing with Henrik Basilier, Network slicing is an essential business component if you wish to divide out bandwidth to serve different network capacity needs, enterprises and to maintain efficiencies. Investments in digital industrialization have a potential to generate an estimated USD 619 billion in revenue opportunity for operators by 2026, according to Ericsson’s “5G Business Potential” report.

You can deep dive into User Design and experience from the award winning UX team led by Didier Chincholle. Dez gets under the hood of “Big data and analytics” with Neil Lilley. Analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are all technologies being used to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and drastically reduce the cost of orchestrating and running the networks.

In the podcast episode with Monica Zethzon, head of Communication Services you will hear how ‘voice is the new black, as you will have read above there will be no 5G voice without VoLTE. We get an insight into monetization opportunities with Digital BSS with Jan Karlsson, for Business Support Solutions transformation is about empowering CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to monetize the two-sided business opportunity of the digital economy and to increase the digital interaction with the customer.

The series gets elevated to new heights with cloud expert – Sheng-Ann Yu who discusses what’s next beyond ‘edge computing’. Dez is an extraordinary host with a deep knowledge of technology, software and data analytics and has no issues getting deep into the virtualization space with Mats Johansson – together they examine if PNFs can match the performance of VNFs – this we explain in more detail in the podcast.

One of the most popular episodes was around the 5G Core portfolio – as stated earlier, this is a key component for Communication Service Providers as they get 5G ready. This podcast with Peo Lehto explains; “All roads lead to 5G but they offer very different experiences” and Peo does not hold back on explaining the outcomes of the different journeys, this is well worth a listen! Not only that, Dez takes a look at the industry trends and what kind of subscriber momentum is likely in the coming years and his passion for these opportunities is clear in the podcast mobility trends with Patrick Cerwall. As Ericsson Digital Services offers a complete virtualization portfolio, Dez also spoke with our North American based Cloud expert, Lars Mårtensson on Cloud and NFVI trends – this will help CSPs increase time to market, improve efficiencies and build capabilities to manage new service offerings.

The podcast series then gets as close as possible to the ‘bleeding edge’ of 5G speaking with Monica Byléhn and Fredrik Engströmer. One of the hottest topics this year in the virtualization space is around Orchestration – we get a unique insight into how we can make ‘orchestration a blissful experience’ with Marton Sabli.

Recently, the 15th installment with Jan Häglund, the newly appointed head of R&D and Portfolio at Business Area Ericsson Digital Services went live on the topic of Automation of 5G Cloud Native Applications. Indeed, the podcast series has amassed over 1 million listens since it first went live 10 months ago with Mats Karlsson (Soundcloud). The series has also had a good media following including Sean Kinney from RCR Wireless – Ericsson expert discusses the path to network slicing and mission critical IOT milliseconds matter.

Send us your suggestions for Transmissions from Tomorrow

Transmissions from Tomorrow is in your hands. Let us know which expert, trend or technology area you would like to hear more from in our next podcast via Ericsson’s Contact Us page.

About Dez Blanchfield

As an Industry Analyst, Business & Technology Consultant, and Data Scientist covering rapid growth markets such as Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Telecommunications, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine 2 Machine, Cyber Security, Cyber Risk & Resilience & Smart Cities. Dez has invested his professional career of some two and a half decades thinking out and influencing the development roadmaps of technology companies, aligning them to the customer experience demands and possibilities of forward thinking digital enterprises. Dez is also an avid social media user and has a series of podcasts which he produces with leaders from different industries. The “Transmissions from Tomorrow” podcast is sponsored by Ericsson Digital Services.

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