The 10 Ericsson blogs of 2018 you can't miss!

It’s that time of year again—the time where everyone stops for a second, takes a deep breath and says “Wait, what happened to this year?!”

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It’s that time of year where everyone publishes their top ten lists—everything from the best movies of the year to the strangest things you can buy online (useful information, of course.)

Here at the Ericsson Blog, we’ve published over 500 posts, so you’re excused if you’ve missed a few. But here’s a list of our top blog posts of 2018—selected by our hard-wording Ericsson editors—on topics that you just can’t afford to miss.


The Internet of Things continued to be a big topic this year, in a variety of ways.

IoT & the Global Goals

At the beginning of the year, we posted how the World Economic Forum recognizes IoT as a sustainability game changer. Written by Matilda Gennvi-Gustafsson, our IoT Sustainability Director, she reflected on the need to have a human-centered and outcome-based approach to the design of IoT solutions, where we consider the potential for sustainability benefits from the start of the projects.

“As we work to find new business models, we must also think about how we can measure the impact of IoT deployments in ways that extend beyond financial metrics to include values needed for sustainable development and take different local, regional and global contexts into account.” -- by Matilda Gennvi-Gustafsson

Getting big with IoT

The amount of ‘things’ in IoT is increasing—and that’s not going to stop anytime soon! Maria Düsing, Solution Marketing Manager at Packet Core, asked some smart questions in this blog from June:

“How will today’s core network adapt to meet IoT needs, and what challenges will the introduction of vast numbers of ‘Things’ or devices and their behaviors bring?” - Maria Düsing

In the end, she explored how new technologies can actually become trusted part of an network, and not a source of further complication and complexity.

The key to success with Industrial IoT

In November, Jan Höller, a Research Fellow at Ericsson Research, with the responsibility for IoT technology and research strategies, attempted to untangle Industrial IoT networking. He explained that industries are currently lacking a uniform framework when building successful industrial IoT solutions—and how a new whitepaper from The Industrial Internet Consortium could help.

Tech making the world better

At Ericsson, we believe that technology makes the world a better place—and that means everything from making your job as a service provider a little bit easier, to making user experiences better with lower latency.


Perhaps one topic that has not been hotter this year is security: how do we identify new threats, and build the defenses to deal with them? Jari Arkko, a Senior Expert within Ericsson Research, took us on a brief history of internet security before tackling the big issues:

“The big question is how to get data under the user’s control better than it is today. Just as we spend a lot of effort in making sure that Internet protocols transporting information are secure, we need to pay equal attention to the data and the applications. What can be done to protect the data better, provide better privacy, or to improve portability of data or transparency about its use?” -Jari Arkko

5G & latency

On a less serious note, we had a bunch of blogs this year that showcased just what the reality of 5G can be: everything from American football to rock bands!

The future

As always, we have our eyes to the future: the future of technology, the future of our industry, and the future of our business.

But sometimes, you have to look back to look ahead…and that’s exactly what our Michael Björn from ConsumerLab did when he reviewed the 10 Hot Consumer Trends of 2017 and if they actually came true to 2018. So, did we get it right? Read it and find out!

Another important future to look into is the future of education: what skills are needed in a future workforce, and how can we begin to prepare for them now? Paul Landers tackled the topic when he wrote about Ericsson’s Digital Lab program:

“It’s undeniable that a set of new skills are emerging, and digital skills are at the center. In this context the Digital Lab program is a timely example of how Ericsson is using the expertise of its employees and network of student ambassadors to broaden the digital skill base not only with kids in Gothenburg but also at other locations around the globe.” -Paul Landers

Of course, any future must absolutely be sustainable for all. Our Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Heather Johnson reflected on her visit to the United Nations General Assembly:

“I left New York feeling full of optimism, despite the great global challenges ahead. While I recognize that technology cannot solve everything on its own, I believe that Ericsson is playing a key role in driving positive change by delivering a platform of possibility for a sustainable future.” -Heather Johnson

Our list

So without further ado, here is our list of 10 Ericsson blogs you can’t miss!

  1. World Economic Forum recognizes IoT as a sustainability game changer
  2. IoT—it’s time to go big! Is your massive IoT core network ready?
  3. Untangling Industrial IoT networking
  4. Evolving focus in Internet security
  5. You need to see what pro football players can do with 5G
  6. Just how fast is a 5G network going to be? Watch this video
  7. Technology trends 2018 – a look back
  8. Digital skills will be critical in the future workplace
  9. Mobile broadband as a platform of possibility for sustainable development
  10. Five key IoT trends to watch in 2019
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