Beyond edge computing—distributed cloud podcast with Sheng-Ann Yu

Imagine being one of the driving forces behind creating something completely new, not yet available on the market and set to transform the future? The future of how we work, live and play. Imagine taking something that begins as an idea and transforming it into reality. Join us to listen to an exclusive podcast by Dez Blanchfield, where we get to hear from Head of Solution Line Distributed Cloud, Sheng-Ann Yu and how she believes a new cloud set up is needed to ‘turn on 5G’ and make connectivity of things (IoT) become a reality.

Any workload, anywhere in the network, orchestrated end-to-end—that’s about bringing cloud power with you, to where you need it most. Edge Computing is the new evolved cloud offering from Ericsson Digital Services, which goes beyond edge computing, launched February 8th.


Operators need now to ready their networks for the paradigm of cloud-native applications such as VR and AR so that they can grow their ecosystem. To be able to monetize their cloud capabilities—they need to be able to offer their customers cloud power—exactly where and when its needed.

In this podcast, you will hear how at the tender age of 19 years Sheng-Ann left her native China to move to Sweden.

Sheng-Ann reveals her love for her Research and Development work and how her passion to learn more and deliver new innovation drives her forward everyday. She is very passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and wants to encourage more young girls into Engineering careers. Awarded scholarships throughout her career, she describes in detail her career path and how she was able to study an eMBA in China.

As an instrumental driver of the roll out of 3G in the year 2000, she describes the challenges and opportunities in Asia at this time.

Listen to the podcast series number 5; "Transmissions from Tomorrow" with Podcaster extraordinaire, Dez Blanchfield. Dez gets up close and personal with Sheng-Ann talking about her academic & professional career, her role with Ericsson, Distributed Clouds, open source, the path from 2G, 3G and then 4G, the emergence of 5G. Dez explores what it was like building Telco grade Cloud platforms leveraging DevOps and now end to end orchestration.

As usual with his podcasts, he also ends with some future gazing and what's on the horizon in telecom, the changing face of datacenter virtualization and much more. Click below for links from previous podcasts.

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Dez Blanchfield: Analyst / Consultant / Data Scientist / Investor

As an Industry Analyst, Business & Technology Consultant, and Data Scientist covering rapid growth markets such as Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Telecommunications, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine 2 Machine, Cyber Security, Cyber Risk & Resilience & Smart Cities. Dez has invested his professional career of some two and a half decades thinking out and influencing the development roadmaps of technology companies, aligning them to the customer experience demands and possibilities of forward thinking digital enterprises.

Dez is also an avid social media user and has a series of podcasts which we produces with leaders from different industries. This is a new series we have launched with @ericssondigital called “Transmissions from Tomorrow”. You can follow Dez Blanchfield on Twitter and LinkedInto learn more about his industry insights.

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