Business transformation through 'as a Service'

Ericsson’s aaS systems propose lower upfront investment, short commitment periods, lower TCO, predictable spending patterns, greatly reduced time to market, unrestricted scaling capabilities and greatly reduced project risks. Learn more about our view on Business transformation as a service.

Some reflections and benefits of aaS

Last year, when travelling to the US, one of my colleagues was kind enough to give me a lift to the airport. I was delighted and quite excited to find out that his car was a self-driving model. He suggested that I ‘drive’ the car, which, I gladly agreed to.

When on the Highway, after driving for some time, he suggested that I let the car drive itself. I became very nervous. I knew that everything would be OK but, there was a fear of the unknown and didn’t want to relinquish control. Eventually, the logical side of my brain took control and I let the car drive itself. 20 minutes later, we arrived at our destination, relaxed, comfortable and we had the benefit of a business meeting whilst on the road.

So, why is this story relevant to as a Service (aaS) and what did I deduce from this experience? The journey to aaS is very similar to the experience of a self-driving car, the benefits are obvious but, for many people, it isn’t an easy task to let go of the control of key infrastructure, even if the act of ownership is no longer a clear requirement. We have experience of supporting customers through the decision process and delivering on their requirements. Interestingly, my colleague didn’t actually own his car, he has leased it and will hand it back after a certain amount of time, someone else worries about servicing it, paying all road taxes, etc.

This is the ownership model that Ericsson’s aaS systems propose too; lower upfront investment, short commitment periods, lower TCO, predictable spending patterns plus, other benefits, such as a greatly reduced time to market, unrestricted scaling capabilities and greatly reduced project risks.

So, why is everyone doing it? From an operator side, the conditions must be right; the decision makers must be confident of the proposition (it should be backed by clear SLAs and commercial benefits) and the timing must fit (i.e. a catalyst for change). For vendors, the investment is significant, they absorb operational risk and effectively assume that a certain market scale is suitable. If these conditions are met for both sides of the buying equation then, aaS is an obvious choice. Ericsson’s strategy is to propose applications that naturally conform to the needs of both organisations and that are enhanced by the aaS delivery model.


aaS by Ericsson

Today, Ericsson has a significant number of aaS applications in the market. We understand that, for any operator to let go, the benefits must be clear and our systems robust so, we have invested in supporting platforms, tools and processes, common to our aaS portfolio. This means that once you have adopted one Ericsson aaS system, it is a very simple step to add another, and so on. We are leveraging the largest Managed Services business in the telco industry, our processes, organisation and knowledge, combined with best in class data centre partnerships, to give us global reach.

Our first platform as a Service to use is Network Management as a Service (NMaaS).

If you would like to find out more, please visit Network Management as a Service

To learn more about Ericsson’s OSS products, visit our Automate your networks page.

Neil Garnett
From an early start in ship-to-air missile and gas turbine Research and Development, Neil began working in Telecoms and IT nearly twenty years ago. Telecoms has provided opportunities for Neil to work across the globe, as a Sales Director, CTO, Program Manager and, Strategic Product Manager.
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