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As enterprises are becoming more digitalized, making use of cloud/NFV, IoT and 5G, enterprise digital services offer a significant potential for operators to capture new revenues. For operators that aim to become service enablers or service creators the only way to go will be together with partners and through different ecosystems. That requires openness in ways of working and enabling solutions and platforms that lets you easily partner with third-party by securely exposing assets and APIs to various players in the ecosystem.

Pay-as-you-drive in Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress, we have created a fun demo to let people experience these innovations directly.

Revenue manager demo

Here, we have a city model with remote-controlled car which is sending data into our live Ericsson Revenue Manager 18A backend in real-time. Revenue Manager already has the necessary offerings configured and there is also handheld device with self-care. As the visitor navigates the streets using his remote-control car, he will be charged in real-time for the distance he has driven in the different zones (be it rural, suburban or city) as well as the time the car has been idle yet still in his possession. This fun experience showcases the flexibility and completeness of Revenue Manager in catering for the business requirements 5G digital services are enabling in the area of transport and traffic.

Moreover, the visitor also experiences earning rewards and promotions at various points of interest or being charged at others which create new business opportunities for the operator and helps increase customer loyalty.

Visitors can see the Ericsson Revenue Manager system view and, at the same time, the self-care portal is projected on a big screen. To experience how the operator can capture new business opportunities, the visitor can drive the car to operator’s partnered locations and points of interest e.g. “True Coffee Cafe”, “Everything Kiosk”, “PickUp Service Point”, “Healthy Lives Market”, “Metro City Mall”, “PetroGas station” and toll gates.

This demo illustrates three main benefits with Ericsson Revenue Manager:

  • Flexibility: Provides the flexibility to interact with external systems through our REST APIs which allows creating an engaging digital end-user experience
  • Monetization of new business models: Adaptive business logic, opens new monetization opportunities for the operators. Read more
  • Speedy Time-to-Market (TTM): Enable introduction of new services in just a couple of days (instead of months and sometimes more than a year, which is the case for some operators today)

Read more about Ericsson Revenue Manager.

Want to take it for a spin? Come and join us in Barcelona!

David Bergström
David Bergström is driving Ericsson Digital Support Systems (DSS) portfolio marketing.
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