Continuous delivery and continuous deployment helps turning on 5G

How far have network operators reached with continuous delivery and continuous deployment? Or maybe I should ask, how far have network operators reached with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) including continuous deployment? What benefits have they experienced and how will those support the 5G setup?

Continuous delivery and continuous deployment have completely transformed the way we deliver new software to our customers, providing many operational and business benefits—all to accelerate new functionality to market quicker than ever before, in an easy and automated way.


One of the frontrunners, Swisscom, has been using continuous delivery and continuous deployments for many years. They even think it is part of their DNA.

Sébastien Grognuz, NFV & 5G Lead Architect at Swisscom, says: “I think continuous delivery and deployment is part of our DNA now; it’s perfectly integrated in our business processes and this fits completely in our new 5G agile setup.”

Thanks to continuous delivery and continuous deployment, Swisscom has been able to reduce opex by 65% and improve the quality of the software thanks to the closed feedback loops, which has sped up the deployment of new applications.

Patrick Weibel, Head of 5G Program at Swisscom says: "With continuous delivery and deployment we are able to have in our network the newest features, the newest functions. That allows us to give our customers new capabilities and for us it’s really important that we are always at the latest stage."

Listen to the benefits seen by Swisscom and how it is helping them to turn on 5G.


What are continuous delivery and continuous deployment?

Did you miss what Ericsson continuous delivery and continuous deployment means? Not to worry; have a look at this short, animated video.

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So, it's time to say goodbye to bulky upgrades. Continuous software updates can now be performed monthly, enabling you as an operator to provide better value, faster to your customers with less effort than ever before. Smooth.

Maria Düsing
Maria works as Solution Marketing Manager at Packet Core, focusing on the transformation from native to virtualization and the introduction of 5G.
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