Diversity & Inclusion Friday News Round-Up: February 9, 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion Friday News Round Up. Today we are talking about Lucas the new Gerber baby with the cutest smile, Black History Month and black excellence, the latest changes in Formula One and a historic change in Canada. Happy Friday!

Diversity & Inclusion Round Up

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

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Canada’s national anthem is now officially gender neutral after the bill was signed into law this week. The words “in all thy sons command” have now been replaced with “in all of us command”. Frances Wright is one of the women behind the change that Canadians have been fighting for for almost 40 years. Read more here.


For years, the motorsport league Formula One has been using so called “grid girls” for promotional activities during the races. F1 announced last week that having models is no longer in line with modern day societal norms and that they will be replacing them with children. The news received mixed feedback on social media with some even calling it discrimination against women.


February is Black History Month and the nonprofit group Because of Them We Can released a very sweet videowith black children portraying popular CNN anchors, celebrating black excellence.


Gerber, a US based baby food company and part of the Nestle group, selects a “spokesbaby” each year to represent their brand. This years “Gerber baby” Lucas was selected out of 140.000 submissions and is really special, as he has Down syndrome.

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