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The Ericsson Meetup is a full day live event covering topics such as 5G, IoT and the next wave of global productivity from the Ericsson Studio in Kista. Join our live broadcast.

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Is the world changing faster than ever before? Or not fast enough? When I joined Ericsson almost a year ago, with a remit to reinforce sales for Ericsson Digital Services, I saw the traditional Telcom operator business disrupted by emerging players and all were locked in a highly competitive and procurement led “sell only” business dynamic with operators. As a small team looking at the transformation of traditional telecom, we became obsessed with focusing our energy outwards and in helping our customers move up the value chain. We worked to develop "sell together” business models with operators with the aim of helping both the operator and their end customer.

The result is a new type of collaborative space for Ericsson and its operator partners to promote sophisticated joint solutions to answer the new business and enteprise needs from the market. A place where industry experts can share use cases with the potential to remodel industries in areas like digital transformation, Industrialized internet-of-things, industry 4.0 and more.


Ericsson Meetup

Ericsson Meetups is a series of physical and online events led by Ericsson and delivered in collaboration with selected operator partners with a goal to help share the latest technology trends wth business and technical end users. It's a collaborative partnership where together we learn about the true potential of industrialised Internet of Things (IIOT), network technologies (4G/5G) and Digital Services, so that we can bring new business models to life, and unlock productivity through creativity.

This formula has resonated with the market, we are getting incredible support with 500+ already registered from Sweden's top firms. Ericsson has robust solutions on its IoT platform, network technology and practical use cases that are production ready today. So it's important operators fully understand the potential of partnering with Ericsson since it shortens sales cycles and reduces risk in global projects.

Ericsson Meetup launches on the 21st of March with Telenor Connexion and focused on Industry 4.0. Ericsson President and CEO Börje Ekholm introduces the concept in this video.

As Börje says, "The world is not changing fast enough, which is why, here at Ericsson Meetups, we will present industry leaders with easy to adopt blueprints to be delivered in collaboration with our operator partners so industries can get started on the journey to unlock productivity and reinvent industries and society today."

The Ericsson Meetup is a full day live event from the Ericsson Studio in Kista. As we have limitations on space at the event we will also broadcast the event which will cover topics such as 5G and IoT and the next wave of global productivity, the journey to product-as-a-service, customer cases and bringing innovation through the Ericsson Garage. It also offers opportunities for networking breaks during the event.

If you're curious to discover how Ericsson wants to make the world change faster join 500+ already registered and see a first glimpse.


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