Girls Who Innovate Winner Molly: Being Yourself and Why It Rocks!

We’re featuring blogs from winners of the EIA: Girls Who Innovate Competition, which challenged girls around the world to propose solutions around the growth, production, distribution and consumption of food.

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Today we’re featuring a blog from Molly, a student from Ireland who took 3rd place in the 11 to 13 year old division. 

Being yourself and why it rocks!

We all know that confidence is one of the most difficult things to learn – actually, it’s not something you can learn! We all know that chatterbox who seems to have the gift of self-assurance and won’t be quiet. They can talk to anyone, but that shouldn’t make you shy. In fact, it’s a perfect example of how the more you talk, the more comfortable and natural it becomes, and soon it won’t bother you if it’s in front of one person or a hundred.

Let your light shine

Then, there’s the matter of modesty. It seems to me, a woman will go for an interview and won’t mention half of her achievements and it is so often the case that most men are less modest than women. Why is it, that all too often a woman will hide from her successes and pretend it’s not much, even when inside she has that excited feeling and is proud of herself? Why are many women afraid they will come across like this?

Because, they don’t. I think, women shouldn’t down-play their achievements. In my opinion, men in general find it easier to talk about their own success and no one seems to think they come across negatively.

We just see someone telling us something. If everyone was less self-conscious we would not have that feeling of bottling up our achievements inside us. When your best friend tells you what is worrying her, you help her and are kind. You should expect the same from others and for the support to be there to speak your mind.

Body Language speaks

Molly -2

Image drawn by Molly

Most of us never think of how our body language really helps show others how confident we are and instead we concentrate on our clothing, make-up, and hair. Whereas we should really be wearing whatever makes us feel comfortable because if we feel self-assured then our body language will show it. If we walk tall with our shoulders back we automatically look more confident. These small things we don’t notice until someone tells you but after reading this you will start to notice these things.


Image drawn by Molly

Women Helping Women

The most important thing to feel and trust is that women are there for one another and will try to support each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re halfway around the world. You can talk to someone personally or online. Social media is often a great way to get advice anonymously so you don’t have to take the advice but it’s still there if you need it. All over the world women can connect. Even if we don’t all share the same views there will be someone there for you to reach out to and that’s what it is all about!

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