My Ericsson Internship Experience in Plano, Texas

Hello, my name is Ninad and I am an Ericsson intern! An Ericsson Internship is a perfect example of how a balance can be struck between having a little fun and a whole lot of learning while working, all at the same time. Ericsson gives an ideal platform for students to have that smooth transition from a student life to a work life by helping develop your all-round skills, both in a technical and a non-technical way.

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How it all started at Ericsson

As a Bachelor student majoring in Telecommunications Engineering, Ericsson was a name that was always mentioned inside classrooms. With case studies on how Ericsson reached the forefront of 5G to deploying latest Cloud technologies and developing new techniques on Evolved Packet Core, Ericsson was always mentioned as an example. I was always curious to know how the teams at Ericsson managed to achieve this on a Global footprint, as the hard work put in behind the scenes is not visible to someone on the outside like myself.

Applying for an internship at Ericsson was an obvious choice. I looked for internship listings on the ericsson careers page and managed to find one which matched my interests in the Cloud Domain. Within a week, I got a call from their recruiter saying that my profile seemed a good fit and that she wanted to schedule an interview with one of the Hiring Managers. After 2 rounds of technical interviews with them, I was offered the internship as a Cloud Deployment . I gladly accepted!

My First Day at Ericsson in North America

The University Relations Team in North America takes care of all procedures during your first day and all the days leading up to it. I had an orientation on day 1 where I was given an excellent introduction about Ericsson, a tour of the campus and handed ID cards and laptops after which I had a nice lunch with my manager. We spoke at length on what he expected from me and how they function as a team. The highlight of the day was the tour of the experience center which houses the latest technologies which Ericsson is currently developing ranging from Virtual Reality Goggles to Internet of Things Smart Devices to 5G connectivity. It was just the kind of experience that got me all pumped up to begin.


My Work at Ericsson

A typical day at work will involve 3-4 client and team Skype calls. Everything is super organized and work ethics plays a very important role. It is important to become competent across many domains as projects require you to have multiple skills. Be sure to take notes because things move ahead at a rapid pace and you don’t want to be left behind. Your project and task is your most important priority and it is your responsibility that it gets done on time. And hey! don’t forget your coffee breaks! I am sure you will need them to let off some steam.

During my time, the Intern Showcase project was something which I particularly found interesting. In that, I got to work with fellow interns from United States and Canada where we were to submit a project on UN’s goals of sustainability. Through this we understood how to work in a team when people are located in different places, coordinating time-zones, fitting schedules and maintaining deadlines. This was where we had to make all decisions ourselves with only a mentor to help us make the right ones. At the end we had to make a 10-minute video on the project which was viewed and voted by all employees of Ericsson around the world.

Fun at Ericsson

It’s not all work at Ericsson. As an Intern, you get to participate in many events that are hosted by the University Relations team every week, from volunteering for school kids’ science events on campus to celebrating University Week where you showcase your support for your university by showing off your college jerseys. And if you are at the Plano, Texas office, there is a huge lake on campus with a thriving aquatic ecosystem where you can have a walk around, feed the turtles and ducks or just sit on the sofas by the lake and relax. The main event includes a trip to Six Flags where all interns spend an entire day at the amusement park, all handled by the coordinated efforts of the University Relations Team, not to mention the cool Ericsson merchandise that you get with all this.

My advice to other students

1. Get Involved!

Try to participate in all events that are happening on campus. This will serve as an excellent opportunity to create networks and contacts. And hey! Don’t forget to practice your elevator pitch, you will be presented with a lot of opportunities for that. Make yourself visible and bring out the leader in you. It will take you a long way.

2. DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT hesitate to ask questions or queries

We like it here when someone asks questions. It makes us feel that you are genuinely interested and want to understand it all. So, my best advice would be to do the same. Ask plenty of questions! No one is going to mind it. Clear all your doubts and you will be in a great position to move on from there.

In conclusion, I would suggest to make full use of the opportunities and resources that are at hand. If you are an Ericsson Intern, there was something in you which set you apart from the others, always remember that! So keep learning, keep developing and don’t forget to have a great time. It will be an experience you will cherish your entire life. Cheers!

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