25 years of sustainability leadership


Jan Eliasson, the former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, spoke in Stockholm recently about the Sustainable Development agenda, saying that no single entity can tackle global challenges alone, whether it’s a company, government or international organization. He added that the Global Goals help to galvanize collective action, and partnership is the new leadership.

I’ve been reflecting on that statement as we publish our latest Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report, which not only presents facts, figures and cases relating to our 2017 performance, but also highlights 25 years of milestones that brought us to where we are today.

Across all areas of our reporting, one common thread is our partnerships. Our strength has come from matching our technology solutions and expertise with the core competencies of our partners and using the combination to create the best solution in a variety of different circumstances. For example,  we have worked with Shift to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in our operations; with Imperial College on new research about the GDP impacts of mobile broadband; with the UN World Food Programme in the Caribbean during the relief efforts after Hurricane Maria; with REFUNITE to create a platform that reconnects refugees with their loved ones; and with UNESCO and Qualcomm in our Connect to Learn deployment in Myanmar. Most importantly, we partner with our customers in many initiatives that demonstrate the impact of mobile technology on the achievement of the SDGs.

While there remains much to do both internally and in the wider world to meet global challenges, I am proud that Ericsson is part of a coalition of leaders that are committed to making a positive impact.

Download the report here if you’d like to learn more. And join us!

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