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Gartner names Ericsson as OSS leader

Gartner has again placed Ericsson in the leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems (OSS). Ericsson was also named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management in 2017.

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A thought leader with a focus on execution, creating the OSS for the future

As both an established infrastructure and OSS supplier, Ericsson has a vision for OSS in which autonomic networks enable intelligent and automated service and resource life-cycle management. We are using analytics, Machine Intelligence, policy, and orchestration technologies to create the OSS of the future, and to offer greater efficiency in development and operations. We also apply a DevOps paradigm to our software development to keep us close to customers and speed up our software delivery.

As our approach is model-driven, OSS behavior is externalized from the management platform and realized through a combination of models and configurations. As a result, the developed models are independent of the execution platform. Our OSS concept is modular by design and follows microservice architecture principles that make it possible to replace software components with open source implementations.

The concept is built on a solid implementation architecture that enables the use of industry-defined interfaces and open source modules, as well as integration with full component compatibility.

Ericsson has embraced open source implementations through active contributions and usage, as well as driving important standardizations. We are committed to driving industry alignment that will help create a world class and healthy ecosystem.

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