Diversity & Inclusion Friday News Round-up

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion Friday News Round Up. Today we are talking about Intel’s latest diversity report, new inclusive emojis, an advert that went wrong and the discovery of an unsung black female scientist.

 Diversity & Inclusion Round Up

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

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In 2015, Intel launched a new diversity program and aimed to have full representation of women and minorities in the US workforce by 2020. They have just published their latest diversity report and it looks like they can make their goal for female representation by the end of 2018 already. While this is an amazing achievement, they are still battling with the representation of females in leadership positions as well as the hiring and retention of African-Americans. Read more here.


The beer company Heineken is usually known for campaigns promoting diversity and inclusion. Their latest advert for light beer had to be pulled though after being called racist: The commercial shows a bottle of beer sliding past black people and ending up with a light-skinned woman – together with the tagline “sometimes, lighter is better”.


Last week, Apple proposed the addition of 13 new emojis to the Unicode Consortium to better represent people with disabilities. The emojis include people in wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, canes and a service dog for the more hidden disabilities like seizures, autism or PTSD.

Women in STEM

Twitter to the rescue – during research for a children’s book, illustrator Candace Andersen found a photograph from 1971, showing 38 scientists at a conference. 37 males that were all identified by name, and a black female, captioned “not identified”. Candace reached out to the Twitter community and thanks to the help of hundreds of people, she found Minor Huff and learned about her story.

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