Ericsson Garage meets Mobile World Congress

Editor’s note: Live from the Mobile World Congress show floor, we are featuring a guest post from Sándor Albrecht, Head of Ericsson Garage.

Mobile World Congress show floor

For the first time in the history of Ericsson Garage, we are at MWC! It’s so exciting to meet service providers, industry partners, startups and incubators to discuss how we can shape the future and innovate together.

Ericsson Garage is our open innovation platform taking new ideas from lightbulb moment to commercial viability, creating ground-breaking solutions to real-world problems. At Ericsson Garage we build innovative partnerships with customers and academia, support startups and accelerate ideas for Ericsson employees.

We had three very busy days so far both at the Intelligent Care Assistance and the Ericsson Garage proof points. Our customers and partners are very interested to know how we can tap into future opportunities together and unleash the business potential of 5G and IoT. It’s clear from our discussions that they appreciate Ericsson’s innovation strategy to expose capabilities and innovate together in trusted and transparent way.

The Ericsson Smart Sensor Box is a big hit. Our customers, startups and university professors simply love the fact that they can put any massive IoT application on our NB-IoT/Cat-M1 open innovation device platform and do experimentations.

Today is our last day at MWC and we very excited to continue the innovation discussions and journey with all our visitors – not just at the event, but well into the future also.

Want to see exactly what we’ve been up to at MWC? Check out our Facebook Live video that takes you through our Intelligence Care Assistance demonstration.

Don’t forget to check out our Ericsson Garage site to see how we are bringing innovative ideas to life with our innovation platform.

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